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Would you like to see the crazy Cadex tri bike in the Tour de France? Plus new stuff from Elite, CeramicSpeed, Santini, Bollé, MAAP & more

We’ve launched some huuuuuge tech this week, including a Trek Madonna and a Scott Foil that will see action in the Tour de France, but we’re riding a radical bike that certainly won’t make an appearance …

Cadex has launched a wild-looking triathlon frameset

Giant-owned brand Cadex has officially launched the Tri Frameset which has been used in recent weeks to win an Ironman World Championship title and break the seven-hour Ironman barrier – but you won’t see it on the Tour de France because, as the name implies, it’s a triathlon. It doesn’t meet UCI requirements … far from it.

2022 Cadex Tri Bike - 1

“The Cadex Tri Frameset … has been engineered and developed to provide more personalized fit, race-ready integration, superior real-world aerodynamic performance, and maximum efficiency,” says Cadex.

One of the most notable features of the design is that it is designed to flow air cleanly with thorny legs.

Seatstones are similarly widely spaced and run horizontally along much of their length. The idea is that it reduces the surface of their contact with the passage of air.

“The unique chassis, a massive down tube with no top tube, includes a bento box, hydration system and toolbox, which are clearly integrated into the frame set,” says Cadex.

The fluid sits in a removable reservoir and is accessed through a straw that extends from the aero cover of the head tube, allowing the rider to continue to hydrate without removing their hands from the bar. A refill port is intended to add more liquid quickly and easily.

2022 Cadex Tri Bike - 2

The frameset even comes with a purpose-built topic case that reduces the amount of disassembly and reassembly during race travel, while the base bars and extensions are folded so that parts can be loaded while traveling without disassembly.

Okay, the look can be a little challenging, but it’s rarely like a bike. Looks like Cadex went to work in detail here and created something special. Do you think UCI rules are hindering the development of cycling – both for road bikes and time trial bikes – or do you like things? Let us know in the comments below.

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Bole has unveiled “the lightest Arrow MIPS helmet on the market”

Bole Avio has launched the MIPS helmet which says that the lightest arrow helmet on the market featuring MIPS (Multi-Impact Protection System), is coming at the claimed 234g.

2022 Bole Avio MIPS helmet three-quarters

Find out what you need to know about MIPS

Bole says that in addition to being light weight and aerodynamically efficient, the Avio has extremely good ventilation.

Bollé Avio MIPS costs £ 235 – so it’s over গ্রাম 1 per gram.

We have one of these to review on so we’ll let you know how it will perform in the coming weeks.

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The Elite has just launched Turbo with side-by-side movement

Elite Justo has unveiled a new high-end trainer that comes with two rigidity options to allow you to move like a roadside.

2022 Elite Justo Turbo - 1

Just direct drive (you remove the rear wheel of your bike and use a cassette attached to the instructor) and the power measurement with integrated power meter is said to be accurate up to +/- 1%. Justo is asked to calibrate automatically without involving you, which is a welcome feature.

Elite says that Justo improves its existing Direto XR-T trainer with new features and extra performance while following the suite’s compact form factor.

Read our review of Elite Direto XR Smart Trainer

2022 Elite Justo Turbo - 2

Elite says Justor Flex Fit Squash lets you swing the bike when you’re pedaling as if you’re riding outside. You can choose between two different options to tune the ride.

Elite Justo £ 999.99.

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Mio Cyclo Discover Connect GPS computer is available in the UK

Mio’s new GPS computer, known as the Cyclo Discover Connect, is now available in the UK. It provides GPS navigation data and is compatible with Mio’s latest MioShare app which is designed to offer route ideas and allow you to synchronize your data with multiple route planning services.

2022 Mio Cyclo Discover Connect GPS Computer - 1

Mix says, “The Cyclo Discover Connect has a full-color 3.5in touchscreen with a unique, large button launcher that enables users to select any function at the click of a button. Equipped with WiFi, it provides cyclists or walkers with a cable-free experience for data transfer, and the built-in Bluetooth ensures that it’s always connected to hands-free notifications while traveling. “

Check out our review of the Mio Cyclo 210

It has an IPX7 waterproof rating, which means you can submerge it one meter deep in water for 30 minutes if it’s your thing. Roughly, it will stand for heavy rain.

The Mio Cyclo Discover Connect is now available from Robert Dyas and the Mio website for £ 299.99

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MAAP’s offcut clothing return

2022 MAAP Offcuts Jersey - 1

Aussie clothing company MAAP has launched the latest phase of its offcuts program where additional clothing from previous jersey production is reused in new clothing.

2022 MAAP Offcuts Jersey - 2

The result is this multi-colored Evade Pro base jersey that is available for both men and women with short sleeves (£ 140) and long sleeves (£ 145). The OffCuts program Evade Pro Base Jersey is available in limited quantities from and select retailers.

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CeramicSpeed ​​unveils Danish rear derailleur cage for Tour de France

With the 2022 Tour de France starting in Copenhagen, CeramicSpeed ​​has showcased the Danish tradition of the Eros brand of the special edition OSPW (Overseas Pulley Wheel System) to four pro teams.

2022 Ceramic Speed ​​Denmark OSPW - 1

Riders from the Astana Kazakhstan team, InterMarchচে-Wanti-Gobert, Israel-Premier Tech, and Team TotalEnergy started the race with the Danish flag covering their back cage.

Ceramicspeed was established in Denmark in 2004 and all its manufacturing facilities are still on the west coast of the country.

The CeramicSpeed ​​OSPW Aero was officially launched last week with a ট্যাগ 739 price tag and claimed that it could save you 2.5 seconds on a 25km time trial.

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Bioraser’s “Fastest Time Trial Suite Ever” Ganna ran

Bioraser says the custom time trial suits used by Filippo Ganna and other Team Inos Grenadier riders on the Tour de France are by far the fastest.

2022 Bioresa Ganna Speed ​​Suite - 2

“The wind tunnel test was conducted at three separate sites … [and they] The consensus was: the time trial suite is more aerodynamic and faster than ever before, ”said Bioraser.

“In this lightweight suit, the aerodynamic features of the fabric are important but the support that the suit gives to the rider is even more important if anything. A good time trial suit forces the body in a compact posture with internally curved shoulders to shorten the front surface area. In this way, it is easier for the gunner to maintain his aerodynamic position in the best way possible from start to finish. “

Each suit is custom-made for individual athletes, taking into account body, personal preference and race location. So, for example, the gunner suit has a front zipper and no leg gripper.

2022 Bioresa Ganna Speed ​​Suite - 1

“Instead of sewing religiously, welding and tapping the seams, as well as strategically placing them, avoids even the slightest disturbance that could have a negative impact on its aerodynamics,” says Bioracer. “Also, in contrast to what we often see on the Pelot, a smooth fabric surface is applied to the back and sleeves. The underlying cause … cannot be disclosed. “

Oh, stealth!

Bioraser says a mobile ‘Protolab’ was taken to Copenhagen where last-minute adjustments were made to the suites “for optimal comfort without compromising performance”.

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Israel – Check out the premier tech special edition kit for the Tour de France

Israel – Premier Tech has released a special edition kit for the Tour de France to launch its fundraising campaign to build a bike center in Rwanda.

The Field of Dreams Bike Center plans to raise a pump track, race track and a cycling academy, and Israel-Premier Tech hopes to raise 300,000 (£ 260,000). Grants can be made here.

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Trek-Segafredo combines male and female team kit designs

Several other teams competing in the Tour de France and the Tour de France Famous avec Zwift have new kits, including Trek-Segafredo, that combine the colors and graphics of the men’s and women’s squads.

2022 Santini Trek Segafredo Tour de France Clothing - 2

The new visual is a horizontal built-in red for men and blue for women, the concept representing the equal dignity of the two groups.

You can buy the Replica Trek-Segafredo kit from Santini retailers and from

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If you missed it on earlier this week …

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