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World News Roundup: UK PM hopeful Sunak takes aim at China in the leadership contest; Ukraine hopes to ship grain again this week despite the Russian attack and more

Below is a summary of current world news.

UK Prime Minister hopeful Sunak takes aim at China in leadership contest

Former finance minister Rishi Sunak said on Monday that China represented the biggest threat to Britain and global security this century, laying out his plan to deal with Beijing on the latest front in the battle to become prime minister. Sunak and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss are battling in an increasingly divided Conservative Party leadership race to replace Boris Johnson after a backlash against his scandal-plagued administration forced him to resign.

Ukraine expects to ship grain again this week despite Russian attacks

Ukraine said Monday it hoped a U.N.-brokered deal aimed at easing global food shortages by resuming grain exports from the Black Sea region would begin to be implemented this week. Moscow said it only targeted military infrastructure, brushing aside concerns that the deal could be derailed by a Russian missile attack on the Ukrainian port of Odessa on Saturday. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned the attack as a “barbarity” that showed Moscow could not be trusted.

South Korean government and police clash over surveillance

A bid by the South Korean government to increase police oversight has sparked a protest by some officers, who on Monday criticized a top minister who cited the role security forces have played in the past in supporting authoritarian rule. The dispute comes as a new conservative government is trying to settle and limit the impact of some of the previous Liberal government’s changes, including the sharing of powers and responsibilities between police and prosecutors.

Ukrainian fighters stand in Russia’s way on the Eastern Front

Defending the captured eastern city of Izium, barely a kilometer from Russian positions, Ukrainian and foreign fighters huddle in a dark basement. Artillery rained down on them most nights, shaking plaster loose and filling the air with dust.

At the forefront of efforts to halt the Russian army’s advance in eastern Ukraine is the Carpathian Sich Battalion, a unit of Ukrainians and foreign nationals who responded to Kiev’s call for help against the invaders.

Fears for Tunisia’s democracy as Said organizes referendum

Tunisians began voting on Monday in a referendum on a new constitution that critics of President Kais Said fear will dismantle the democracy that emerged from the 2011 revolution by handing him almost total power. The vote is being held on the first anniversary of Saeed ousting an elected parliament when he instituted emergency rule and began ruling by fiat.

Ukraine’s labor exodus hits Europe’s emerging economies

Construction sites, factory assembly lines and warehouses across central Europe have scrambled to fill vacancies after thousands of Ukrainian men left their blue-collar jobs and returned home after Russia invaded their country. Ukrainian workers flocked to central Europe over the past decade — drawn by high wages and helped by easing visa requirements — to fill jobs that didn’t pay well enough for local workers in construction, the automotive sector and heavy industry.

Myanmar’s junta has condemned 4 democracy activists to death

Myanmar’s ruling military has executed four democracy activists accused of helping carry out “terrorist activities”, it said on Monday, sparking widespread condemnation of the Southeast Asian country’s first execution in decades. Sentenced to death in closed-door trials in January and April, the men were accused of helping a resistance movement fight the army that seized power in a coup last year and a bloody crackdown on its opponents.

China confirms warning to US over Pelosi’s possible visit to Taiwan

China has issued a stern warning to US officials about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s possible visit to Taiwan, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Monday, confirming a report by the Financial Times (FT). The FT report, published on Saturday, cited six people familiar with China’s warnings as saying they were significantly stronger than the threats Beijing has made in the past when it was displeased with US actions or policies on Taiwan, which China claims.

Russia’s Lavrov says there are no restrictions on Ukraine’s grain exports, supports strike

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday there were no restrictions on grain exports from Ukrainian ports, after Ukraine and Russia signed an agreement last week to unblock grain shipments to Turkey’s Black Sea. Speaking after a Russian missile attack on Ukraine’s main port of Odesa on Saturday, Lavrov said the attack targeted the port’s military infrastructure.

Philippines’ Marcos promises farm and tax reform in ambitious address

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Monday promised tax reform, a rapid infrastructure upgrade and a transformation of agriculture to drive growth and reduce dependence on food imports to make his country an investment destination. In an ambitious policy speech to Congress broadcast live on television, Marcos, son of the strongman ousted in a 1986 coup, said he would boost tourism and modernize agriculture, create jobs and support growth by using scientific methods and an “infusion of innovation”. and new blood”

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