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World News Roundup: Dutch review government art collection for possible Nazi plunder; Exclusive-Pope Francis denies he is planning to resign soon and more

Below is a summary of current world news.

Dutch review government industry collection for possible Nazi looting

For at least two decades, a picture of a fishing boat under a cloudy sky hung on the wall of the Dutch parliament, acclaimed by lawmakers who gave little thought to its origins. Now, experts are looking at whether Hendrik Willem Mesdag’s 19th-century masterpiece, “Coastal Fishing Boat,” could be a Nazi-looted art.

Exclusive-Pope Francis has denied that he plans to resign soon

Pope Francis has denied reports that he plans to resign in the near future, saying he is on a visit to Canada this month and hopes to be able to travel to Moscow and Kiev as soon as possible after that. In an exclusive interview at his Vatican residence, Francis also denied rumors that he had cancer, joking that his doctors “didn’t tell me anything about it”, and for the first time described a knee condition that prevented him from carrying it. Some duty out.

‘Sale premium’ – Thailand discourages discounts, and wants high-priced tourists

Thailand’s hotels, businesses and private hospitals should refrain from offering big discounts to lure tourists and focus instead on raising the country’s standard as a premium travel destination, government ministers said on Monday. Thailand received nearly 2 million foreign visitors in the first six months of this year, a steady revival after the epidemic and its tourism industry almost collapsed due to more than 18 months of complex and costly entry requirements.

There is no indication that the shooting at the Danish mall was a ‘terrorist act’ – police said

A shooting at a Copenhagen shopping mall that killed three people and injured several others cannot be seen as “terrorist acts” based on current evidence, Danish police said Monday. A 22-year-old Danish man has been arrested and charged with murder. He will be questioned before a judge later on Monday.

The Lebanese prime minister is taking unofficial steps in the ranks of Israel after Hezbollah sent drones

After the powerful Hezbollah movement sent three drones to shoot down an Israeli gas rig, the Lebanese prime minister on Monday criticized any informal dealings with Israel over its maritime border line as risky and unacceptable. Hezbollah began its operation on Saturday after a long-running but still un-mediated US effort to agree on a maritime border between the two countries where Israel has discovered large natural gas.

China has denied NASA allegations that it will occupy the moon

China on Monday rejected an NASA chief’s warning as an irresponsible smear that China could “acquire” the moon as part of a military program, saying it had always called for the formation of a community of nations in space. China has stepped up its space program over the past decade, focusing on moon exploration. China made its first lunar landing in 2013 and expects to launch a rocket powerful enough to send astronauts to the moon later this decade.

One person has been arrested on suspicion of organized murder of a Dutch crime reporter

A Polish man suspected of organizing the murder of Dutch celebrity crime reporter Peter R. de Vries has been arrested on Monday, the Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office said. “One suspect has been arrested, a 27-year-old Polish man, for co-ordinating with those who carried out the killings,” prosecutor’s spokesman Brechtze van de Mussidak told Reuters.

After the fall of Luhansk the war in Ukraine would be transferred to Donetsk; Russia has claimed a big victory

Ukraine’s Russian forces will focus on all attempts to occupy the Donetsk region, forcing the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from the last major city under their control in the neighboring Luhansk region, the Luhansk governor said Monday. In the first weeks of the war, after abandoning the attack on the Ukrainian capital Kiev, Russia focused its military operations on the industrial Donbass center, which includes the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, where Moscow-backed separatist proxies have been fighting Ukraine since 2014.

The European Union will set up a platform for Ukrainian reconstruction

The European Union will set up a restructuring platform to coordinate the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war with Russia, Ursula von der Lane, president of the European Commission, said on Monday. The platform will be used to coordinate investment demand maps, operations and channel resources, says Von der Leyen

Renew his invitation to visit Pope Francis in Ukraine – Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ukraine has renewed its invitation to Pope Francis to visit Ukraine and urged the pope to continue praying for the people of Ukraine, a Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Monday. Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolaenko said in an interview that “it is time to deepen relations with those who sincerely want it. We renew the invitation to Pope Francis to come to our country and continue to pray for the people of Ukraine.” Francis gave to Reuters.

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