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World News | Heavy Rains, Floods Kill 10 in Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD, July 6 (AP) – At least 10 people, including two children, have been killed in torrential rains and floods in Afghanistan’s northern and eastern provinces, the United Nations said on Friday.

Eleven people were injured in the floods, most of them in eastern Nangarhar, Nuristan and Ghani provinces, and in Parwan in the north of the country, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

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Heavy rains on July 5th and 6th caused severe damage to more than 280 homes, as well as other important infrastructure across nine provinces, including four bridges and eight kilometers (about five miles) of a road.

The statement said this was the second time that the eastern region had experienced flash floods in less than a month, with 19 people killed and 131 injured in two days of heavy rains in June.

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Due to heavy rains, floods and landslides, the road from Kunar to the center of Nuristan in Nuristan province has been closed to traffic, the country’s public works ministry said.

The ministry is using heavy equipment to reopen the road. (AP)

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