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The Baltic Pipe, delivering natural gas from Norway to Poland, finally opens, the Nord Stream pipeline leaks, as talk of sabotage abounds, and NASA may be the first to test Earth’s planetary defenses. This and more are in the Tuesday edition of World News.

Opening of the Baltic Pipe

The Baltic Pipe gas pipeline was officially inaugurated on Tuesday by officials from Poland, Denmark and Norway. The pipeline connects Poland to the Norwegian shelf where Poland wants to buy most of its gas after ending its contract with Russia.

Leak in the Nord Stream pipeline

European officials are working to investigate possible fuel sabotage. Leaks in two Russian gas pipelines are raising suspicions amid rising tensions over Moscow’s natural resources blackmail.

European energy security

In the wake of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, Europe is trying to secure its energy sources in response to Moscow cutting off energy supplies. One of the countries that has made the most progress in this regard is Poland with projects such as the Baltic Pipe and the Świnoujście LNG terminal.

More mass graves at Izium

TVP World’s correspondent in Ukraine, Don Arleth, was in Izium, where reports of more graves continued to make the rounds.

Update from the front

The fight for Ukraine’s independence continues, as the Ukrainian armed forces continue to press Russian invaders in the east and south of their country. Meanwhile, the Russians ended their fake referendums in the occupied territories.

Memorial for Shinzo Abe

More than 4,000 guests attended the state funeral in Tokyo for former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was killed in early July. The ceremony divided the Japanese public: while some paid tribute to Abe, others protested the funeral.

Zero VAT on heating

The Lithuanian Parliament has approved zero VAT on heating for two seasons. However, Lithuania’s energy minister blamed high energy prices on Russia during a round of parliamentary questions.

Immigration to the Czech Republic is limited

The Czech government has decided to bring back checks at the border with Slovakia in the face of an increasing flow of illegal immigrants into the country. The increased control is going to be a temporary measure, while the Czech authorities negotiate with the Slovak side.

It reminded me of the Polish underground state

The Polish Underground State, which operated in German and Soviet-occupied territories during World War II, was a unique phenomenon in war-torn Europe. Its rich history began on September 27, 1939 with the formation of the Polish Victory Service, which would later transform into the Home Army.

Amp Football World Cup

This year’s Amp Football World Cup will be held in Turkey. After thorough preparation, the Polish national team will take a shot at securing the World Championship title.

NASA has hit an asteroid

The NASA Dart spacecraft hit Bullseye and managed to collide with an asteroid in a historic test of the first planetary defense system for Earth. The entire event was broadcast live on NASA’s YouTube channel.

Guest of world news

The Baltic Pipe was inaugurated at an inauguration ceremony in Poland. The event marks the end of the process of building the Baltic Pipe, a key gas transport route from Norway through Denmark to Poland and neighboring countries. Witold Waszczykowski, MEP and former Foreign Minister, was a guest of TVP World to talk about the importance of investment.


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