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Windows 11 Build brings this HIDDEN feature back

Microsoft can bring this hidden Windows 8 feature back to Windows 11.

Here is a long list of bug fixes including Windows 11 Build 25151 File Explorer tab, Start menu and much more. At the same time, it brings a new hidden feature – ‘Open Dialog’. This is actually a redesigned version of the Open Dialog feature for apps and files, which was first teased earlier this year, but was later removed from the builds, Windows Latest Report. Windows 11 Build 25151 is now available to all testers of the development channel.

So, what is this new hidden feature that draws our attention to Windows 11 Build 25151? Basically, the Open dialog appears when you use a specific app and right-click on a file in an attempt to open it. Does it sound familiar? OK, users who have used Windows 8 must have tried this feature and it has been updated with the Windows 11 design policy.

Windows shared two screenshots in the latest report, which showed the new feature. This suggests that the upcoming dialog box will appear in both light and dark themes in Windows 11. If your laptop’s theme is set to dark, the ‘Open With’ dialog box will automatically appear in the dark. Similarly, it will appear in the light when Windows 11 changes the theme settings manually. Microsoft has also simplified the experience with a single-click update for your default app.

You should keep in mind that this feature is not available to everyone Only selected users will initially be able to use this new hidden feature in Windows 11. The report states that it is not clear whether this feature will be available for Windows 11 in the second half of 2022, but a future update is likely to reveal the Microsoft Open Dialog Box feature.

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