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White rhinos are back to Mozambique after 40 years of extinction

The white rhino has returned to Mozambique 40 years after its extinction

This is amazing news! After being extinct for more than 40 years, white rhinos have returned to the forests of Mozambique, a beautiful country in East Africa. The country is bringing species from South Africa to revitalize its parks and encourage local tourism. Efforts to bring back these endangered animals were taken by a team of rangers. They captured, calmed and brought black and white rhinos to the national park of Geneva in Mozambique from 1610 km. The park covers 400,000 hectares and contains more than 2,300 other reptiles.

Warner Maiberg of the Peace Parks Foundation (PPF) led the conservation group. “The return of the rhinoceros allows Jinav to become known as a new and exciting tourist destination in Mozambique,” he said.

Rhinos are considered important for the ecosystem and this is why they were brought back from so far away. The main goal of the operation that the PPF group conducted was to relocate about 40 rhinos to Mozambique in the next two years.

The project manager, Anthony Alexander, added that the team has already brought some hunters and several elephants to the park. Now, it’s the rhino’s turn to return. “It’s very exciting now to complete the presence of historic species in the park,” he said.

Bringing back rhinos to Mozambique is an initiative that is part of a campaign to save endangered species by relocating them to safer places. Where their population is more likely to grow.

Now the authorities hope that the number of white rhinos in Geneva will increase in the next 10 years. Calling it a historic translocation, Mozambique’s Environment Minister Ivet Maibaj said the move would benefit the country’s burgeoning ecotourism industry.

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