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Are you a legal or illegal groundwater user?

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NEW DELHI, July 2 (IANS) Groundwater users across the country have again been warned to register themselves for continued use of valuable resources, sending many users into panic that they will have to pay Rs 10,000 just for registration.

After exercising for more than a year and regularly warning people about it, the Central Groundwater Authority (CGWA) – a nodal agency under the Ministry of Water Energy – asked groundwater users to register online by June 30.

Through a public notice, CGWA told all groundwater users including drinking water and domestic use for residential apartments / group housing societies / government water supply agencies / bulk water suppliers / industrial / infrastructure / mining projects in urban areas / swimming pools – both existing and new – To apply for permission to withdraw groundwater.

“We have given all existing users a one-time opportunity to register their groundwater extraction with a one-time registration fee of Rs 10,000 to submit a full application before June 30, i.e. Wednesday, September 30,” an official said. Ministry.

It applies to 17 states and three union territories regulated by the CGWA. The Ministry of Water Power and its agencies, mainly the CGWB, have repeatedly received brickbats in multiple cases from the Supreme Court and the National Green Tribunal over their inaction in restricting groundwater abstraction.

Across India, the number of dark regions is increasing where groundwater recharge is well above recharge levels. CGWA Member Secretary MK Agarwal said, “The NGT guidelines have clear guidelines on who should register, who should pay and so on.”

He added that ordinary homeowners, whether rural or urban, are out of reach and need not panic.

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Update: 02-July-2022

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