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Wags and Whiskers Welcomes Guests

However, now that people are returning to the office outside of their homes, Wags and Whiskers pets are seeing an increased need for day-care.

Summer can mean a vacation for the family or a summer camp for the kids. For four-legged family members, Wags and Whiskers Pet Resort both offer. Owner / operator Karen and Steve Butler pride themselves on providing guests with a positive, safe and fun tour. “We have two customers: pets and their owners,” Karen said.

Butlers own dogs for life. They have ridden their dogs many times and noticed when their pets were stressed and not in their normal nature after the experience. In 2012, they learned that Wags and Whiskers Pet Resort are on the market. They acquired it later that year.

During the epidemic, a record number of pets were adopted for companionship. From 2018 to 2020, dog ownership at Flagstaff increased by 17.2% or 4,200 dogs, based on national dog ownership data provided by the American Veterinary Medical Association and the U.S. Census Data. However, now that people are returning to the office outside of their homes, Wags and Whiskers pets are seeing an increased need for day-care.

Aubrey, a reservation rescue dog, a frequent day camper. He is young and has a lot of energy. Her new mother, Sandra Tan, can’t bring Aubrey to work. Tan researched Doug Day Camp and based on reviews, recommendations and locations he began taking Aubrey to Wags and Whiskers. “Aubrey jumps out of the car with excitement when we drive,” Tan said. “He comes home tired from playing with other campers. He is safe, happy and very comfortable to have the necessary stimulation and playing time. ”

Before a cat or dog arrives, proof of vaccination from a veterinary office is required. “We need to make sure the vaccines are administered according to veterinary standards and make sure all our friends are safe,” Karen said. The rules of food management are followed so that “cross-contamination does not occur, which makes a pet sick.”

There are four separate areas for day campers, dogs that stay for five hours or less. Dogs are placed in different areas based on their behavior, size and age. Each area has indoor / outdoor access and there is always at least one person present, Karen said.

There are solid walls in canals or holes for dogs and cats to reduce the spread of barking, quarreling and disease, not wire fences. Single, two-dog and luxury den are available with separate outdoor areas. Each cat travels individually to the main cat house, where they can play in the cat trees, towers and scratching posts. The zoom room allows pet parents to view pets through online meetings. Grooming services are provided and Wags and Whiskers groomers work to keep pets relaxed.

Information about each pet is stored and accessed through computer systems. Specific information, such as behaviors, food allergies and other health concerns, is recorded and displayed on the door of the daily visitor board or den. Walkie-talkies allow staff members to communicate about where each pet is located and what is going on in different areas of the facility. FBN

By Margaret Danfee, FBN

Wags and Whiskers is located at 1802 W. Kristy Lane, Suite 200, Flagstaff. For more information, see

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