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Virgin Voyages Partners With Sustainability Providers

Incorporating sustainability into their cruise vacations is a priority for Virgin Voyages and today, the cruise line announced a new partnership with the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) along with three waste-based fuel suppliers, Argent Energy, Good Fuels and Twelve. Low carbon fuels in the marine industry.

“To significantly reduce our carbon footprint, we need to transition to low-carbon fuel sources as soon as possible. We could do this today with our existing engines if more sustainable ‘drop-in’ fuels were available at our ports of call. Unfortunately, these fuels “Not yet widely available, and in most cases, not cost competitive. We want to work with partners pioneering the essential changes,” said Virgin Voyages CEO Tom McAlpin.

Three waste-based sustainable energy suppliers aim to help Virgin Voyages reach net zero by 2050. To do this, Virgin Voyages has taken steps to advance a low carbon future by partnering with sustainable marine fuel companies. By adding drop-in sustainable fuels, Virgin will reduce emissions and its lifecycle carbon emissions by 75% or more.

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“This partnership with Virgin Voyages signals the cruise industry’s willingness and readiness to structurally decarbonize its operations. We applaud Virgin Voyages for recognizing sustainable marine biofuels (SMF) as the only viable alternative to fossil fuels – and the only available solution to effectively decarbonise shipping today,” said GoodFuels Commercial Manager Nicholas Nicolaidis.

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, said, “Virgin will always aim to be a leader in the industries in which we operate. We aspire to make the cruise industry better in many ways, including through climate action I am proud that Virgin Voyages will work with industry partners and others to shape the future of more sustainable cruise travel and deliver a real sea change for all.”

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