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UK Says to Strengthen Internet Laws to Fight Russian Disinformation | World News

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain is proposing a new law that would require social media companies to actively tackle the confusion posted by a foreign state like Russia, the government said on Monday.

The law would deal with fake accounts on platforms such as Meter Facebook and Twitter that were set up in favor of foreign states to influence election or court proceedings, the government said.

During this parliamentary session the law may be passed through an amendment to link the National Security Bill and the Online Security Bill, both of which are in the current program of the government.

The communications regulator will create a code of practice to help offcom social media companies comply with the law and will have the power to impose fines for violations.

On Monday, Digital Secretary Nadine Doris said the aggression in Ukraine showed how Russia uses social media to spread lies about its actions.

“We cannot allow foreign states or their puppets to use the Internet to conduct hostile online wars without hindrance,” he said. “That’s why we’re strengthening our new Internet security protections to ensure that social media companies detect and eliminate state-sponsored confusion.”

(Reporting by Paul Sandel; Editing by Josie Cao)

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