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Tina and Leslie drivers say there was a “huge” jolt within just 10 minutes of a delayed flight from Manchester Airport to Cape Verde on Monday. The pilot of the plane, intending to fly to Cape Verde, told passengers that shortly after the plane had a technical problem and he sent an emergency 7700 code.

It hovered over the Peak District National Park for more than two hours before returning safely to Manchester Airport.

“The kids were screaming and people were panicking. It was really scary,” said Leslie, a care worker.

“When I saw how the two air hostesses were looking at each other, I knew something wasn’t right.

“The unrest was really bad, there was a really bad bit where everyone was thrown from their seats. The pilots and staff were great, they told us what was happening and people were asking if they wanted water.”

According to Liverpool Echo, the couple booked the holiday three years ago.

From Leslie, Woodchurch, Merseyside, continue: “We went through check-in and security, which was great considering all the queues in recent weeks. The plane was an hour late but everything was going smoothly.

“We got on the plane and it was very warm. Our crew told us that the plane had gone to Turkey the night before and had air conditioning problems. They said we would be fine once we took off.

“About 10 minutes after the flight we heard two loud bangs and when I looked out the window I saw something orange flying. My wife thought it was a bird.

“Before we landed, the pilot said again that he had burned fuel and that we would be able to make an emergency landing. He said that was why all the emergency services were waiting for us at Manchester Airport.

“He said all the warning lights went up on the plane.”

Emergency codes were sent and eventually, the tourists were returned to Manchester, hoping to reach about 2,840 miles from Paradise Island.

Once the passengers got off the plane, TUI apologized for the inconvenience.

In an email sent to passengers, the airline said: “We are really sorry for the disruption to your flight today, we appreciate it will be disappointing. Your plane was serviceable and took off as expected, but soon encountered a captain on your flight.

“The safety of our customer and crew was paramount and he had to make the difficult decision to return to Manchester Airport. Due to landing restrictions, the captain had to circle the plane for some time to burn fuel and return safely to Manchester.”

For those who still want to go on vacation, TUI has now arranged an alternative flight. Passengers are housed in hotel accommodation and given £ 15 vouchers for use at refreshments at the airport.

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