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TripActions prepares to retire Comtravo brand

Before the retirement of the travel management company TripActions brand, the German company acquired last year began to transfer customers from Comtravo.

Comtravo, co-founded by Michael Regel, who became TripAction’s general manager for Europe after its acquisition, told BTN Europe at last week’s Business Travel Show Europe: “The Comtravo brand will disappear, but there is no timeline yet. We are bringing the best of Comtravo technology to the TripActions platform.

“We’ve been very transparent about it and some of our big customers are already relocating.”

With similar tech-first offerings, Comtravo and TripAction were named by BTN Europe as Germany’s 10th and 12th largest TMC in 2021, the acquisition further enhancing the European presence of the Palo Alto-based company.

Including Reed and Mack – which was acquired by TripActions last year but will remain independent due to its white-glove service model – TripActions’ European customers now account for more than 50 percent of its global business, with sales boosting it over the past three years, according to Europe’s top TMCs 2022 report. Is in fourth place.

“We are really committed to Europe. Our focus is across all sectors of the UK and DACH markets, as well as SMEs in France, ”Regal said.

He added that, like most TMCs, trips had experienced travel disruptions and staff shortages.

“It’s an aggressive recovery that no one really saw coming. People have made conservative predictions because otherwise you have no business, ”he explained.

Regel said 85 to 90 percent of its transactions, which are usually online, were somewhat secure for TMC. “We are a little less affected, but the remaining 10-15 percent still need that support and we are actively recruiting across all roles. We are now preparing for September to November. ”

He added: “We have seen a slight paint-up demand effect but growth will continue. We’re still bullish because of the data we’re seeing. “

Regel said he could not discuss a recent Bloomberg report that claimed the company was in talks with investors to raise new funds based on a $ 9 billion valuation.

“We have nothing to confirm, but what I would say is that it is difficult for technology companies to invest these days – only the best are able to raise these funds. Investors like the number one player in the market, ”he said.

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