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Travel news: US drops Covid testing and even Japan is relaxing entry

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(CNN) – In this week’s travel news, the United States is ready to drop its Covid-19 test requirements for inbound travelers, and Japan is now allowing international tour groups.

Also, the most expensive cities in the world and the cleanest bathing places in Europe have been revealed.

The floodgate is open

In one of the most anticipated travel developments this year, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention is ready to lift the requirement for travelers to test negative for Covid-19 before entering the United States, CNN learned Friday.
This measurement has been made since January 2021 The move is likely to encourage travelers around the world to plan summer vacations in the states and encourage more U.S. travelers to go abroad because they are less likely to get stuck abroad through a positive test. Air travel has not been smooth so far this season.
The CDC this week issued a “Warning – Level 2” travel advice for monkeypox, a rare disease that has made headlines after being sued by a cousin of smallpox and dozens of destinations. The CDC said that while the risk to the general public is low, people should “practice increased vigilance.”

Confession of a flight attendant of the 1980s

Ann Hood was just 21 years old when she became a flight attendant on the legendary airline TWA in 1978. In her new book, Fly Girl, she writes about her adventures in the sky during the golden age of air travel.

“It gave me confidence, it calmed me down and gave me the ability to think on my feet,” she says. “I think working as a flight attendant can change your life in a few years.”

The most expensive city

For the third year in a row in the annual index published by global mobility company ECA International, Hong Kong’s Asian financial center has been named the world’s most expensive city.

Tokyo, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Seoul – four more cities in the top 10 – have proven to be the most expensive continents in Asia.

However, a very popular European tourist destination has dropped out of the top 30. Read more here.

Taste of Korean food

A female Buddhist monk in South Korea has become an unlikely celebrity chef. His temple cooking has been celebrated in The New York Times and he is the subject of an episode of Netflix’s “Chef’s Table”.

Jeong Kwan’s latest achievement is winning the Icon Award for the 50 Best Restaurants in Asia in 2022. Here is his story.
And if Korean food is your thing, try some Korean drinks. McGowley Hall is a traditional South Korean rice wine that has gained a reputation as a widely produced and rough ‘n’ preparation since home brewing was banned in 1934. Now a new generation is reviving the old brewing technique and creating Maxioli Premium and Hip.

Title hit

An Arizona man has filed a lawsuit against American Airlines, alleging that they misrepresented him to police as a theft suspect, which resulted in him spending 17 days in jail. And in Atlanta, officials say a passenger was able to clear security with a bag that contained a gun.
The CEO of European low-cost carrier Wiz Air drew criticism for telling employees to take less time for fatigue, while Irish airline Ryanair was criticized for asking South Africans to prove their nationality with an African-language test – spoken by only an estimated 12 people. %.

Birth of a rare tortoise

Two Galapagos giant tortoises, recently born at the Tropicuarium in Serbia, Switzerland, are unique offspring.

If you miss it

The cleanest bathing place in Europe has been revealed.

A Disney employee snatched a ring from the groom’s hand in the middle of the offer.

Ten years ago, Anthony Borden met with local chefs and food enthusiasts in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza.


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