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Travel news: Airplane cabin innovations from saunas to sleeping pods

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(CNN) – Happy 4th July Weekly Holiday for our US readers and a great July holiday season for everyone else. Here at CNN Travel, we’re eliminating price increases, flight cancellations and chaos, and we’re just grateful the restrictions are being relaxed and the open (ish) road is in front.

Here’s the latest travel news from around the world this week.

Cabin interior

Out of sight of the passengers on the wide body aircraft, there is a secret place with bunk and power outlet which is similar to the Japanese style capsule hotel. Their crew is called a resting bogie and their position on the plane changes. Get the loaddown on them here.
Also Inside Airplane Bunk Bed, Air New Zealand has just announced its “Skynest” concept: full-length sleeping pods are available for economy passengers. This will be among the offers included in its new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which will enter service in 2024.
At the top of the luxury scale, there is the German Lufthansa technique, which most recently created a cabin concept inspired by the must-have items for the SuperIat. Spoken Yacht-like luxury just below is a sauna, steam room and a retractable porch.

Travel connection

Disneyland famously claims to be the happiest place on earth, but for Renata and Brian Mehle, when they met at Anaheim Resort in January 2012, there was a little more magic in the air than usual. Disney followed suit and now the California couple is celebrating a decade together.
And here is another meeting brought about by an accident of fate. Two women of the same name, Kimberly Fliger, became friends after becoming aware of each other online. Two women – a Canadian, a California – went hiking with their partners in Malibu and planned more adventures together.

News from Asia

Among the 109 living creatures discovered by X-rays in two pieces of luggage at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport this week were hedgehogs, armadillos, turtles, lizards and snakes. Two women have been arrested and charged with smuggling.
Bhutan’s tiny Himalayan state, another competitor to the world’s happiest place, will reopen to international tourists in September for the first time since the epidemic began. Travelers will face a much higher daily tourist tax, though: it now rises to $ 200, $ 65 per night.
It is not the only Asian destination to raise prices. Borobudur, Indonesia, the world’s largest Buddhist temple, is also poised for a massive price hike.

Alternative transport

So how do we all get from A to B by 2050? There are lots of exciting new car ideas in development.

Maybe it could be the “flying ferry” that promises to work in our half time.

Abandoned places in Australia

Photographer Brett Patman has documented Australia’s abandoned sites, from industrial sites to hotels, over the past decade. Read about his work here.

If you miss it

Cancel Culture: There’s still more travel chaos going on this summer.

According to popular demand: Lufthansa will bring back the A380 next year.

Can you land an emergency plane?

Here’s what Anthony Borden made when he visited for “Parts Unknown” in 2013.

Is cooled and collected

Holidays should all be relaxed. But when the temperature is rising, and you’re walking down the city street from the airport alley all day, you need a deodorant that you can count on. Our partners at CNN Underscored, a CNN-owned product review and recommendation guide, have collected the 16 best deodorants and antiperspirants recommended by personal trainers.

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