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Travel news: Airlines SLAMMED for ‘using Brexit as excuse’ for latest chaos | Travel News | Travel

UK airports have been urged to cancel flights in July and August to avoid further travel disruption to passengers. EasyJet plans to operate at 90 percent of its 2019 capacity for the next three months – about 11,000 flights are being cut.

The move has been hampered in recent weeks by a shortage of staff to cap flights to London Gatwick and Amsterdam.

EasyJet said most customers should be able to re-book alternative flights, many of which will be on the same day and promised to notify customers as soon as possible.

Major airlines, including British Airways, TUI, EasyJet and Wiz Air, have canceled all flights in recent weeks.

The Department of Transportation and the Civil Aviation Authority have issued a joint letter urging the airlines to reduce their schedules.

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Together they wrote: “Better cancellations are better for customers than late cancellations in order to provide a more robust schedule.”

They continued: “Our expectation is that you and those involved in airline delivery will take all possible steps to prepare and handle passenger needs which will help us avoid the unacceptable scenes we have recently witnessed.”

“It’s important that each airline reconsiders its plans for the rest of the summer season and creates a schedule by the end of September that is deliverable.”

Some have blamed the disruption on staff shortages as the epidemic forced the travel industry to shut down.

Others, however, have blamed Britain’s recent turmoil for leaving the European Union.

Markets and airlines chief executive for TUI David Burling said: “The shutdown in the aviation industry was more dramatic than in other European countries. We have clearly got Brexit. ”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said the disruption was “self-initiated by the government” and a result of “Brexit plus coward”, as reported by The Independent earlier this month.

As a result, readers were asked for their views on whether Brexit was responsible.

One reader, username copyright, said: “It has nothing to do with Brexit. Lack of manpower is causing problems due to Kovid.

“Besides, travel has reopened this year and airports are being overwhelmed.”

Username Grime 6 writes: “Much of this has been due to the dismissal of airlines and airport staff. It has nothing to do with Brexit, just an excuse.

And the username Bolly1 says: “Of course this is not for airport mismanagement. It’s not Brexit’s fault. “

Another, username X11, said: “If Brexit has anything to do with why some UK airports are suffering more than others, why some airlines are okay, haven’t they left Europe.

“Why are some airports in Europe suffering? It’s ridiculous to blame Brexit. “

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