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Top 10 world news: Boris Johnson vows to stay, Covid cases in China, and more

More than 30 ministers have resigned Boris JohnsonIts Government in Chaos – Read the latest about the political crisis in the UK. China Facing another outbreak with several outbreaks. Pope Francis He said he would, for the first time, name women in a former all-male Vatican committee that would help him elect a bishop of the world.

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UK political crisis live update: Boris Johnson promises to stay, Michael Gove calls for PM’s resignation
In the UK, more than 30 ministers have resigned, leaving Boris Johnson’s government in turmoil amid a series of scandals. Johnson’s position as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is now on the verge.

Boris Johnson

Pope Francis will address women in bishop appointments and top-level positions in the Holy See
Pope Francis has revealed that for the first time he will name women on a former all-male Vatican committee that helps him elect bishops of the world and said he wants to give women a more top-level position in the Holy See.

Pope Francis

Global recession: Euro stabilizes after two-decade low, oil prices bounce again
After the euro plunged to its lowest level in two decades and oil prices plunged nearly 10% a day earlier above 100 100 a barrel, world markets returned to temporary peace on Wednesday.

World recession

Due to economic mismanagement, Sri Lankans will now cook with wood
As Sri Lanka’s economy is plunged into a crisis with shortages of everything from medicine to gas, people are returning to cooking with fuel wood.

The economy of Sri Lanka

Covid case through karaoke? China has dealt with clusters in Shanghai among other outbreaks
China has followed the zero-covid policy to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. The country, which reported the first coronavirus case in 2019, has experienced another increase with several outbreaks.


The human rights report said Turkey should face international court for the genocide
A landmark report backed by British human rights lawyer Helena Kennedy says Turkey will have to face international justice for its involvement in the Yazidi genocide if it fails to protect Syria and Iraq.


India and China have spent $ 24 billion on cheap Russian energy imports, the report said
Russia has pocketed 24 24 billion by selling energy to China and India in just three months since its invasion of Ukraine, showing how high global prices are limiting efforts to punish the United States and European President Vladimir Putin.


Curious case of ‘traitorous’ sheep: Controversy over children’s book begins in Hong Kong
In Hong Kong, a five-day trial began over illustrated children’s books with apparently “traitorous” content. Significantly, unionists have pleaded not guilty to publishing such content.

Hong Kong

Can Cristiano Ronaldo join FC Barcelona? Club president Joan Laporta has responded to speculation of a transfer
Cristiano Ronaldo’s tenure at Manchester United is coming to an abrupt end as the Portuguese superstar is reportedly set to leave the club this summer. But what next?

Cristiano Ronaldo

SpiceJet ‘failed to establish’ secure and reliable services: DGCA issues show cause notice.
India’s Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA) issued a show cause notice to SpiceJet on Wednesday (July 6th) after making several emergency landings in the past few months.


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