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The Welsh Revenue Authority Unveils New Corporate Plan

The Welsh Revenue Authority has unveiled a new corporate plan


The Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA) has unveiled its next corporate plan, raising more than £ 1 billion to support public service in Wales in its first four years.

The corporate plan outlines the revenue authority’s plan for the next three years from 2022 to 2025 These include handing over two transfer taxes, a land transaction tax and a landfill tax, and supporting the Welsh government in its future Welsh tax design.

Corporate planning, approved by the Minister of Finance and Local Government, sets out an objective statement, strategic objectives and performance measures. It also covers the WRA’s two-pronged approach to tax management, which is designed to help collect the right taxes at the right time.

Rebecca Evans, Minister of Finance and Local Government, said:

“I welcome the publication of WRA’s corporate plan. It determines how the agency will play a key role in financing Welsh’s public service and helping the government deliver our programs. “

WRA Chair Catherine Bishop says:

“We have built a good foundation as a revenue authority by working with others internally and externally.

“In the future, we will continue to collaborate with others to help improve public services, increase revenue and play our part in providing a fair tax system for Wales.”

WFA chief executive Difed Alsop said:

“We are still a relatively new organization and we are still doing some things for the first time.” But we now have experience in implementing and managing revenue services.

“We will use this experience to inspire our attitude towards taxes – to help people pay their taxes at the right time. We will also use our data and expertise to assist the Welsh government in developing future taxation in Wales. “

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