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Tech News: Xero’s App Launcher

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FYIsofta reporting, analytics and planning platform, has announced a technology partnership with UiPath, an enterprise automation software firm. … accounting technology firm the spleen Tech has announced that it is now changing its name and branding to “Once accounting technology“… Coupa Software, a business expense management company, has officially launched Coupa Travel & Expense, which offers personalized itineraries, real-time price tracking, an “expense coach”, health and safety messaging options, live agent support and travel discounts. … accounts payable automation software firm Mineral Tree It added three new features to its product: copy coding, credit application and expense allocation. … bookkeeping automation and document management company Neat company The scanning technology company will partner with Raven to help small-business customers digitize their documents. … thank youA business process automation firm, has announced a partnership with accounts payable automation provider in the corps, to expand its offerings to payment automation, commercial cards, virtual cards, cross-border payments and travel and expense cards. … Crypto asset tax and accounting platform acceptable Said users will now be able to report proof of stake awards in the traditional way or in a way that accounts for the potential consequences of recent federal litigation between the IRS and the Proof of Stake Alliance. … Corp One Soon Corpay will offer Mastercard, which will be fully integrated with its already existing Bill Pay platform. … Nearly three-quarters (73%) of CFOs and finance execs plan to invest in systems to automate revenue recognition, according to a new survey Billing platform.

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