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Tech News | Windows Subsystem for Android Updated with Improved Usability and Advanced Networking

Washington [US], July 7 (ANI): The subsystem for Android built on Windows 11 is one of its more interesting features. Depending on the computer’s hardware configuration, it enables Windows 11 users to run Android apps locally or via X86 emulation.

According to GSM Arena, Microsoft today released an update to all Windows Insider channels (US only) that improves the subsystem for the overall usability of Android and adds a few new features for both users and developers.

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The Windows subsystem for the Android Settings app now provides more precise control over the subsystem’s networking options, which will consider advanced networking.

Additionally, the subsystem and the Windows machine will now have the same IP address as before.

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System kernel updates, improved apps, improved performance stability, and battery-specific features in Android that help reduce power consumption are among other updates, as reported by GSM Arena.

Some notable security features include not being able to take screenshots of secure Android apps and redirecting ADB debug pop-ups to Windows for security. (ANI)

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