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System Shock: Release Date, Latest News & Leaks

Following the success of Dead Space and The Callisto Protocol, Nightdive Studios is looking to compete with their upcoming game system Shock. For those who don’t know, this is an iconic game franchise from 1994 to 1996. It wants to return to the next generation of consoles. But what can this science-fiction FPS give you?

System Shock 4D
Become the ultimate hacker and turn off an artificial intelligence in system shock. | NightDive Studio

Released in 1994, System Shock became a popular franchise Windows and Mac. However, the franchise has not been heard of since the sequel was launched in 1996. But Nightdive Studios plans to change this because they want to do a system shock remake for the next generation console. PS5.

Numerous updates are being applied to NightDive’s version of System Shock. For example, the graphics have been significantly upgraded to appeal to the younger generation. Even better, these upgrades are being made by industry veterans who have designed games like BioShock and Mass Effect.

Developing System Shock would not have been possible without Kickstarter, as Nightdive Studios raised funds in 2016 to develop this first-person adventure game. Instead, they have raised more than 900,000.00 from 21+ thousand supporters. Unfortunately, it didn’t start the smooth journey as NightDive Studios changed their minds about System Shock. For example, the Graphics engine Changed on multiple occasions.

Fortunately, the development of system shocks is not over. Quite the opposite, as An official trailer was launched on June 12 for the 2022 Summer Gaming Expo We have plenty to tell you about this upcoming game, and we think you’ll be absolutely amazed.

Is system shock coming in 2022?

Unfortunately, we do not have an official release date for System Shock. Looks like the game is in development at Nightdive Studio. However, we promise that the updated version of System Shock will support updated controls and an overhauled interface.

Even more so, Graphic and sound mechanics are being updated to support next generation consoles. Fortunately, the availability of system shocks extends to last-generation consoles, e.g. PS4 and Xbox One.

System Shock 2B
Numerous AI robots will attack you in system shock. Can you take them down? | NightDive Studio

NightDive Studios will announce an official release date for System Shock next month. We’re sure it will come soon, as players can install System Shock Demo today Steam. As such, we believe that System Shock could be launched sometime in 2023.

All we know about game settings, stories, and system shocks

Citadel Station is controlled by SHODAN, an artificial intelligence program that maintains these man-made interstellar objects. While working for TriOptimum Corporation, SHODAN goes crazy and starts disobeying his master’s orders. An unnamed hacker was called in to help Citadel Station. All criminal charges against us will be dropped in exchange for our assistance. But can we save Citadel Station? Only time will tell.

NightDive Studios promises that System Shock: Remake will be as accurate as the original game. It has been confirmed that NightDive Studios is working with the original developers so that the experience gained from system shock is not lost. Therefore, anyone who was not lucky enough to enjoy the original game in 1994 will have the same feeling as their ancestors.

System Shock 3C
Without this assortment of different guns displayed in System Shock, like this crazy blaster! | NightDive Studio

Towards the gameplay, readers should expect something similar Bioshack and mass effects. But there will be an element of retro-gameplay as NightDive Studios shows up to replicate the game mechanics of System Shock. This means that some players may find the gameplay mechanics to be outdated. However, we would argue that system shock was decades ahead of its time.

We should mention that System Shock is being remastered for a specific reason, as the Otherside Entertainment system is making the third installment in the Shock franchise. You heard us right; System Shock 3 is coming soon.

Is System Shock coming to Xbox Series X / S and PC?

NightDive Studio has confirmed that System Shock is being launched Xbox series X / S and PC. There will be additional launches for Xbox One, PS4, and PS5.

In system shock 1
Citadel station has some minor cyberpunk vibes of system shock NightDive Studio

Costs related to pre-order System Shock is EUR 45.99 / GPB 39.99 / USD 49.99 / CAD 49.99. You will be able to acquire this game at a cheaper price if it is launched along with Steam Spring or summer sales.

Is System Shock part of the Xbox Game Pass?

We cannot confirm or deny its existence System Shock is approaching Xbox games. Rumor has it that Nightdive Studios and OtherSide Entertainment Systems are launching Shock. Xbox Games PassBecause it will strengthen future sales for System Shock 3.

Unfortunately, these rumors have been declared void to suggest that they are true. Therefore, we would not recommend being too excited. You probably need to buy this game.

Game trailer

NightDive Studios launched the official trailer for System Shock on June 12, 2022. It immediately provided a feeling of fear, e.g. System Shock combines science-fiction with a thriller-based story. We see horrible monsters and robotic androids running in the background as our unnamed hacker shows up to defeat the artificial intelligence known as SHODAN.

We see an immediate improvement in the graphical fidelity of the system shock and there is a clear increase in gameplay mechanics. However, we could not help noticing the similarity between system shock and dead space. It could be that upcoming Dead Space Remake Will the system face competition with shock? Who knows, but that’s what we’re interested to see.

Game system requirements

You do not need to upgrade your GPU or CPU to experience system shock, as the game’s eligibility requirements are not extreme. Combining CPU and GPU like Intel Core i5-2400 will make you more capable than playing this game. Nvidia GTX 670.

See below for a full explanation of the system requirements for NightDive Studio System Shock.

We hope you enjoyed our upcoming FPS analysis. We would recommend everyone to try System Shock at least once, This game was invented in 1994 by the first-person genre. But can this game do it again? We are not so sure.

Required for minimal system

Class Useful management
Operating system Windows 10 and Windows 11 (64-bit)
CPU Intel Core i5-2400 / AMD FX-8320
Storage space

25+ GB

High-res asset cache TBC
GPU NVIDIA GTX 670 / AMD Radeon HD 7870
Video memory DirectX – Version 12
Graphics driver TBC

Required for the proposed system

Class Useful management
Operating system Windows 10 and Windows 11 (64-bit)
CPU Intel Core i7-3770 / AMD FX-8350
Storage space 25+ GB
High-res asset cache TBC
GPU NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290
Video memory DirectX – Version 12
Graphics driver TBC

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