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Sixt and Jyrney team up to offer UK taxi rides

Ground Transport provider Six is ​​working with Mobility Platform Journey to offer on-demand taxi rides in major UK cities.

The new strategic partnership between Sixt and Journey, which won the 2022 Business Travel Innovation Faceoff at the Business Travel Show Europe in London last week, will give six customers access to “trusted” taxi and minicab operators at 10 UK launch locations.

Jyrney’s software Sixth Ride allows customers to access on-demand taxis at any launch city: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Luton, Bristol and London. Customers can book these taxi or minicab rides using the Sixt app.

Conrad Thomas, senior vice president of Sixth Ride, said the Journey partnership would be a “step change” in the availability of on-demand ground transport services in the UK.

“Jyrney’s algorithm will ensure that we offer the closest, best prices and highest quality to our customers based on their personal preferences,” added Thama.

“Following our highly successful strategy in Germany, we will connect customers with our existing pre-booked ride services and car fares as well as the best private fares and taxi operators, all available in the Sixth App.”

Daniel Price, co-founder and CEO of Journey, added that the new partnership with Six is ​​”strategically important to us.”

“It verifies our vision of moving services, such as private fares and taxis, to be more connected and easily accessible to both consumers and business travelers,” he added.

“Our goal is to expand the network we offer in the future, opening up new markets for Six Rides through our partnerships. Sixt is known for its progressive-thinking digital strategy, and we’re thrilled to be able to help deliver a world-class mobility solution. ”

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