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Shocker! Mark Zuckerberg threatens Facebook employees; here is what ‘ruthless’ CEO wants

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is raising the bar on employees and issuing a poignant warning- ‘This place is not for you’!

Facebook’s parent company Meta has warned its employees who are unable to meet their goals to prepare themselves for the “critical times ahead”. The company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg also revealed that the company plans to reduce the recruitment of engineers by 30% due to the market downturn. Zuckerberg informed Facebook staff of the order during a weekly employee question and answer session. According to a Reuters report, Zuckerberg is heard to say that Meta will now hire around 6,000 to 7,000 new engineers in 2022 – a huge cut from the initial plan to hire more than 10,000. He described the current economic situation as the worst in history due to user growth and declining advertising revenue.

To combat this crisis situation, Zuckerberg-led Facebook is “increasing the heat” in performance management and going to the level of dismissing employees unable to meet their goals. Surprisingly, Zuckerberg said, “Actually, the company probably has a bunch of people who shouldn’t be here.” He was also quoted as saying, “Part of my hope is to increase expectations and achieve more aggressive goals, and just to raise some heat, I think some of you may decide that this place is not for you, and that self-selection.” I’m fine. ”

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Zuckerberg’s statement was confirmed in an internal memo from Chief Product Officer Chris Cox. “The company must” prioritize more ruthlessly “and” manage lower, weaker, better working teams, “he wrote.

According to the report, Meta suffered a setback this year when daily active users on Facebook dropped by a quarter for the first time. In addition to macroeconomic pressures, new data privacy changes have also affected the company’s core online advertising business. As shared by Reuters, the company will take further action to address external economic pressures.

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