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ShareX 14 launches with offline OCR support

ShareX 14.0.0 is now available. The new version of the screen capturing and recording application for Windows brings a number of new features and improvements, which make the overall user experience even better.

sharex 14 interface

ShareX is an open source application available as a portable version and installer. The functionality of the application exceeds the general assortment of functions that screenshot programs provide.

While it supports all the basic and several advanced options, it also supports post-processing options that set it apart. Some of this can be automatic, which is comfortable.

ShareX supports uploading screenshots, recordings and text to various sites on the Internet, but the feature is completely optional. Tasks can be performed after capturing and uploading, such as saving a thumbnail file or adding a watermark effect to an image.

ShareX 14.0.0 improves built-in OCR functionality. This allows you to extract text from images, which you can copy, upload, or otherwise process to the clipboard. So far, OCR requires an internet connection.

Starting with version 14.0 of the program, OCR is also available offline. The only requirement is Windows 10 or 11 operating system. The OCR button is now available under Tools and is no longer under Capture.

Sharex OCR

All it takes to use the functionality is to select it, or use a default hotkey to get it started. You draw a rectangle around a region and the program automatically detects the text in that region. The text is then displayed in a small window, which supports additional options.

In addition to changing the language of the text, you can change the scale factor, which can help improve the quality of the OCR feature, or use service links such as Google Translate.

OCR ShareX 14.0.0 has many other improvements. The new “Select Region” button in the OCR window immediately performs a recovery of the same region, which means you don’t have to manually open the tool again before doing so.

ShareX 14.0.0 includes dozens of important changes and improvements. Here is a short list of important things:

  • Zoom support in image editor.
  • Limit region capture and cursor to active monitor options, which the developer says significantly improves the FPS of region capture in multi-monitor setups.
  • Fullscreen image preview supports left-arrow and right-arrow shortcuts, mouse wheel or navigation buttons to browse images.
  • Advanced startup in the history window that fills only the visible part.
  • Supports search when typing history search.
  • Filters are applied automatically for changes in the history window.
  • FFmpeg 5.0 support has been added.
  • Several improvements for custom uploaders.

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ShareX is a powerful screenshot capturing and screen recording application. It may scare some users at first use, as it has a lot of features and options. Most of these do not find their way, on the other hand.

Now it’s your turn: Do you use ShareX or another screenshot tool?


ShareX 14 has been launched with offline OCR support

The name of the article

ShareX 14 has been launched with offline OCR support


ShareX is a powerful screenshot and screen capturing tool for Windows. The latest version of this enhances the built-in OCR capabilities.


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