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Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid resign from Boris Johnson’s government

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LONDON – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who seems to have spent half of his prime ministers apologizing for something, is back in the hot water. Big time. Two of his most senior cabinet ministers abruptly resigned on Tuesday, saying they had lost faith in Johnson’s leadership.

Rishikesh Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer, who serves as Britain’s finance minister, and Sajid Javid, Britain’s health secretary overseeing the epidemic response, announced their departure within minutes, making it clear they had lost confidence in Johnson.

Some critics say it is a curtain for the prime minister. But it was predicted many times before his death, as he faced one political scandal after another – including over-boggy parties held at his Downing Street office in violation of his government’s own epidemic lockdown rules. Johnson has become the first incumbent prime minister to be found to have broken the law, and he is still facing an investigation into whether he lied in parliament about the festival.

Tuesday’s resignations were the subject of a different controversy: Conservative lawmaker Chris Pincher has been appointed to a key government post despite allegations of misconduct before Johnson.

Altar Tweeted“People expect the government to run properly, efficiently and seriously. I acknowledge that this may be my last ministerial post, but I believe it is worth fighting for these values ​​and that is why I am resigning. “

Javid wrote in it Resignation letter Although Johnson survived a no-confidence vote last month, the ruling Conservative Party is no longer competent or working in the national interest.

“It’s clear to me that under your leadership this situation will not change,” he wrote to Johnson, “and you have lost my confidence as well.”

Johnson named Pincher as deputy chief whip in the House of Commons in February, a leadership role he has been accused of putting behind members of the Conservative Party – the prime minister and his government’s legislative agenda.

But Pincher resigned after admitting in a letter to Johnson last week that he “drank too much” at a rally and “embarrassed himself and other people.” The British press reported that the incident took place at Carlton Club, a private watering hole in London, dominated by members of the Conservative Party.

Intoxicated, Pincher allegedly tried to hit several men, the UK press reported extensively. Eyewitnesses told the BBC that Pincher was “extremely drunk”.

This isn’t Pincher’s first time in trouble – and that’s what got Johnson in trouble.

At first, Johnson’s official spokesman said the prime minister was unaware of previous incidents of Pincher’s alleged misconduct. But Johnson’s office backed down after a curse Letter from Simon MacDonald, The former head of the diplomatic service, has accused Downing Street of misleading the public. McDonald said a 2019 investigation into similar allegations against Pincher has upheld the allegation and Pincher has apologized and promised not to do it again. “Mr Johnson was personally briefed on the start and outcome of the investigation,” McDonald said.

In an apology Tuesday, Johnson said “there is no place for anyone abusing power in this government.” He added: “I am bitterly sorry for the decision not to intervene.”

Asked by the BBC, he once joked, “Pinch by name, pinch by nature,” the prime minister did not deny using the phrase.

Boris Johnson survived but was weakened by the no-confidence vote

Johnson, who has made it clear he is not going anywhere unless rushed, is quick to fill cabinet vacancies, appointing Education Secretary and YouGov polling founder Nadeem Zahwei as the new Chancellor and Downing Street Chief of Staff Steve Berkeley as Health Secretary. He also tapped Michelle Donnelly to replace the education position.

On the day of the high-profile drama in Westminster, Solicitor General Alex Chuck resigned in a more junior role with at least seven Conservative lawmakers.

As the night wore on, all eyes were on the other members of the cabinet to see if Sunak and Javid would resign – or start a wave. Both Sunak and Javid are seen as potential rivals to Johnson.

Johnson sent them a personal letter praising Sunak’s “outstanding service” and Javid’s service “with distinction”. He ticked off the achievements that reflected him well.

Among those still in Johnson’s corner was Culture Secretary Nadine Doris, who tweeted: “I’m not sure if anyone actually doubted this, however, I’m 100 percent behind. @ Boris Johnson The Prime Minister who consistently makes all the big decisions correctly.

Others did not tweet, but British media outlets indicated that the rest of the top ministers were present.

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