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Rheaply Got $20M, Five to Nine Raised $4.5M, and More Chicago Tech News

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Five to nine co-founders and CEO Jasmine Shells. | Photo: Five to Nine / Twitter

The Chicago technology scene is headlined with funding rounds, growth numbers, and new accelerator teams. Check out the latest Chicago technology news with Quicklly’s recent partnership with Instacart, Built In Shicago Weekly Refresh, from Rheaply’s $ 20 million initiative.

Rheaply $ 20M secured to help companies recycle. Chicago-based Rheaply has created a platform where companies can list, sell or rent their unwanted assets such as office furniture or computers. The platform helps companies adopt a circular economy model. With the new funding, Rheaply will create new eco-solutions for companies, including consulting services. The platform has been used by Google and the US Air Force. [Built In Chicago]

Techstars Chicago has announced its next accelerator team. The latest team of startups that will participate in the Textars Chicago Accelerator is made up mostly of Chicago startups. Each will receive $ 120,000 in funding and a three-month mentor. Startups include BāKIT Box, bekome, Bloomfilter, Brocali, Flare FS, Haylon Technologies, Meal Village, Near Technology, Remote Gravity, Transfer Though and Zest. [Built In Chicago]

Quotes from Chicago Tech Week

“We have quickly built up to seamlessly connect the Indian and South Asian markets, restaurants and caterers to make life easier for the nearly 5.4 million South Asians living in the United States. We’ve built these businesses fast enough to build their digital storefront, expand their consumer base, and scale their digital capabilities with significantly lower fee structures to provide the technical resources to compete against the big players. “- Kevall Reese, co-founder

The Future 5 series has been quickly spotted. Quicklly is a South Asian food kit and food e-commerce platform that sells food kits and provides a platform for small businesses to sell their food. During the Kovid-19 epidemic, the company saw 500 percent growth and helped South Asian food sales businesses. Quick has recently partnered with Instacart as it hopes to introduce more people to South Asian food. [Built In Chicago]

Nine has collected $ 4.25M from DEI Startup Five. Five to Nine is a software startup that allows companies to plan events for their employee resource groups. Their software can be integrated with Slack and provide attendance and performance data. With the new funding, Five to Nine will expand its engineering team and create new products. [TechCrunch]

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