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Quordle 161 answer for July 4, 2022: Be the winner NOW! Check Quordle hints, clues, solutions

Quordle 161 for July 4, 2022 Answer: Don’t succumb to today’s tough challenge. Quordle hints here, and you have clues to find the word.

Quordle 161 for July 4, 2022 Answer: It is very rare when you get a simple Quordle challenge. And so Monday seems to be tough too. But wait, don’t lose hope. No matter how difficult or clever the guessing words may be, we will not allow you to surrender and lose your winning streak. Quordle gives you 9 attempts to crack 4 challenging words, which is enough for you to know the hints and formulas. So, start your week with a little positivity and all the green boxes by checking out the Quordle 161 hints and clues given here.

Quordle 161 hints for July 4th

To begin with, we tell you that the 4 words you need to guess in today’s Quordle Challenge are not usually used in your everyday language. Don’t stress and check out the Quordle 154 hints and clues below for a better understanding.

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Quordle 161 Clues for July 4th

1. Today’s words start with R, M, S and T.

2. The words end with T, Y, C and E.

3. Word 1 Clue – This is something that means sending.

4. Word 2 Clue – This is related to being in a bad condition or being afflicted.

5. Word 3 Clue – It is used as a spice, especially in Middle Eastern cuisine.

6. Word 4 Clue – This refers to one tenth of the annual production or earnings, which was previously taken as a tax to support the church and the clergy.

It’s hard! Isn’t it? We hope these hints and formulas will help you get the answer. However, since all words are complex, there is a bonus hint for you here- the 1st, 3rd and 4th words have two vowels while the 2nd has only one. Good luck! Keep guessing. If you want to know the answers, see them below

Quordle 161 answers for 4 July

Wait! Think, do you really want to know the answer? If you don’t want today’s quordle answer, we suggest you stop reading here. However, if you still want to move on- here you go!

The four words in today’s chord are:





Well, there it is! Good luck for the next Quordle Challenge to come tomorrow.

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