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Protect our industry from collapse – Ghana Tuna Association

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The Ghana Tuna Association has called for measures to safeguard the oceans against unsanitary practices to protect the fishing industry.

“Our fishing industry is in serious decline because we rarely take measures to protect the oceans. If we keep doing the same thing, we expect to get the same result and the same result means our sector is going downhill,” said the Secretary of the Ghana Tuna Association, Mr. Richter Nii Amrah Amorphio.

Mr. Amerfio said this at a seminar organized by the Ghana News Agency in Tema to provide a platform for state and non-state actors to address national issues.

He called on the tuna sector to take action, especially against dumping waste into the sea, to save the industry from ruin.

“So, if they continue to destroy the reservoir, it will reduce the amount of fish and also reduce the activity that sustains both humans and marine fish.”

Mr Amorphio expressed concern that the Tema Metropolitan Authority (TMA) does not have facilities to process untreated waste products, hence all waste water flows into the sea.

“Most companies dump their untreated waste into the ocean, we are killing the ocean with these unsanitary practices,” he said and called for swift reforms to protect the ocean.

Mr. Francis Ameibore, the Ghana News Agency, Tema Regional Manager, said the stakeholder engagement was designed to allow state and non-state stakeholders to interact with journalists and address national issues.

Source: GNA

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