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Prince Charles’ ‘succession to throne in danger’ over latest controversy

Prince Charles has been embroiled in a major controversy with his latest cash-for-money scandal where he is said to have received cash bags from Qatar, a royal expert says he could jeopardize his inheritance of the throne.

Written for Daily Mail, Royal expert Tom Bower condemned the Prince of Wales for his tendency to accept huge cash donations to his charity in exchange for royal favors, saying that Charles could also ruin his chances of becoming king.

Bauer writes: “Even more damaging is the fact that his behavior raises widespread concern. It is no exaggeration to say that his legacy to the throne may be endangered. ”

“There is no doubt that the future success of the monarchy depends on its potential. Any suspicion of cash for the kindness involved with Prince Charles and his charities raises such issues,” he added.

Furthermore, Boer went on to highlight how the example is not the first for Charles, saying: “Of course, this is the first time that wealthy foreigners have been poured into inheriting the throne. His longtime and close associate, Michael Fawcett, a Saudi Billionaire was offered a knighthood. “

He also listed other similar scandals in which Prince Charles himself was involved.

“At best, Charles failed to verify what was being done in his name. Worst of all, he was involved. Over the past 30 years, Yuvraj has repeatedly exposed himself for taking ‘cash for access’, ”Bower said.

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