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Plunder the finest treasures in the latest DLC for Hidden Through Time

Time is hidden through Aztec rituals

It’s rare that even the smallest of indie games expands itself with new content. but Hidden through time Unlike many indie games. It is a game that is very relaxing, well made and full of colors. It’s a game that’s continued to expand since launch – and once again a few more DLC packs pop up to push things further.

Since its first release in 2020, Hidden Through Time has been drawing players in with the intrigue and hidden object nature it allows. A Where Wally styled video game where you find the world’s most detailed to discover secrets, this is a game that ticks a ton of boxes. In fact, a 4/5 review from us is only dropped a notch due to the lack of theme.

From there those themes came. We had a chance to take something earlier Viking Talesto discover Legend of Japan and to travel Road to Rome. But now it’s all about the treasures that await in the new Pirate Treasures and Aztec Rituals packs.

Both cost just £1.69 so Hidden Through Time is unlikely to break the bank. But what you get in each pack is seemingly packed with content.

Hidden through time pirate adventure

pirate treasure Whisks you off the high seas as you head off on an adventure of a lifetime. Sailing through ten new levels will mean no less than 300 new pirate themed objects and characters integrated into your base game. From there, the hunt for real gold begins as you delve deeper in search of all things shiny.

The Aztec Ritual Pack Accompany this. It will slap you in the middle of a completely different era, as you work in the swamps, climb the highest mountains and take in the glory of Tenochtitlan. Again, expect ten new levels and over 300 odd characters and objects, all of which can be used in the level editor if you wish.

If you have the base game of Hidden Through Time and fancy returning to it every now and then, the new additions to the Aztec Rituals and Pirate Treasures Pack should be considered. You can find them on the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S by hitting the bold links above

Pirate Treasure Description:

Pirates – Intrepid voyagers of the seven seas who will take on any challenge, no matter how difficult, in their quest for wealth. Widely feared across ponds, but also loved for their inspiring sea urchins. I am happy today! Hidden Through Time – Pirate Treasures You’ll embark on the adventure of a lifetime with your hearty, clicky! Weigh anchor, pull wind and look for all that glitter and gold. This DLC includes 10 new levels. It contains over 300 new pirate themed objects and characters, which will be in the level editor after purchase! Those who do not own this DLC will still be able to play through user-created maps that use objects from the Pirate Treasure DLC. Shine yer peg legs, and get those sea legs going! The hunt for gold is on in Hidden Through Time – Pirate Treasures!

Aztec Ritual Description:

Aztecs – A fascinating Mesoamerican culture, rich in complex traditions and beliefs. The three greats flourished for more than a century, dominating vast expanses of land in the area and creating a unique society in world history. Hidden in Time – Aztec Rituals takes you on a journey through the ages with your trusty companion Clicky. Plow through the swamps, climb the highest peaks and see the majesty of Tenochtitlan. Stay alert throughout this adventure and you’ll uncover all the secrets hidden within the most powerful Mesoamerican kingdom of all time! This DLC includes a new story campaign featuring 10 new levels. It also contains over 300 new Aztec Empire themed objects and characters, which will be in the level editor after purchase! Those who do not own this DLC will still be able to play through user-created maps that use objects from the Aztec Rituals DLC. Put on your ichcahuipilli, pick up your tlahuitolli and loot the treasures of the ancient Aztecs hidden through time – the Aztec ritual!

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