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Player rankings, criticism over marketing partnership, latest on Schultz

Just a few weeks away from the training camp, where will the Cowboys stand according to the roster? How deep is the team of current players, where is the addition slot this offseason in the recent player rankings and who is in dispute for the top spot? Speaking of the top, there’s a lot of self-expectation from Micah Parsons about what he and Trevon Diggs can do.

Before camp begins, Dallas decides to take the hard edge with Dalton Schultz. Will they sign him an extension before or before the July 15 deadline? Crime must be decided off the field. Will Ezekiel Elliott remain a workhorse or is it time for Tony Pollard to take a huge step forward in his talented young career?

Elsewhere, the Cowboys have faced criticism for their recent partnership with Black Rifle Coffee, considering their gun-toting image and gun violence across the country. All this and more recent news and notes.

What ceiling? Micah Parsons discusses loft goals for her and Cowboys CB Trevon Diggs :: Cowboys Wire


Following a first-team All-Pro 2021 for the pair, Parsons discusses the development of himself and Diggs. He also set higher goals to be the NFL’s best defensive pair and they are both just 23 years old and have plenty of time to achieve that.

Person, Prescott or Martin? Who tops the Cowboys Pre-Camp Power Rankings? :: Cowboy Wire


As the offseason progresses, our own KD Drummond provides its pre-camp power rankings for the Dallas roster. The quality of Parsons, Jack Martin and Duck Prescott are all beyond doubt, but who sits at the top? More importantly, how has Dallas done in replacing lost talent from the offseason?

Dallas Cowboys Call ‘Tone Deaf’ After Announcing Partnership With Black Rifle Coffee :: Dallas Morning News


The Cowboys franchise is facing some backlash after a new partnership Dallas has announced their connection to Black Rifle Coffee, which mistakenly rubbed off on many considering the recent gun violence, such as the shooting in Illinois, the day before the announcement of the seven deaths.

After being ranked in the top-5, the Dallas Cowboys roster ranks 16th in 2022 :: SportDFW


In the offseason, the Cowboys have lost the likes of Amari Cooper and Randy Gregory, whether intentionally or not. Overall, the rate dropped Dallas to 16th on the PFF’s roster rankings.

Cowboys sue Dalton Schultz for extension of contract :: Blogging The Boys


The biggest deal negotiations for Dallas are with Dalton Schultz. With the July 15 deadline approaching, there is a lawsuit for both parties. If you’re a cowboy, sign an extension or don’t sign an extension?

Tony Pollard has a low career with the Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott during his rookie year :: Blogging the Boys


The sound has increased even more with each season. The argument between the running backs in Dallas is hotter than ever. Elliott went through a torn PCL and played through it, while Tony Pollard’s touch was still limited.

The Cowboys must decide whether it is time for Pollard to take charge.

The Cowboys’ 10 Bad Decisions of the Decade: Greg Hardy, Gelon Smith and More :: Athletic

Link (Paywal)

Over the years, it has been inevitable to make mistakes as an NFL franchise. Dallas is no exception. John Machota details the ten worst steps the Cowboys have taken in the last decade. Their biggest three mistakes happened around the second round draft pick.

Mike McCarthy ranked in half of NFL head coaches :: Inside Star


Entering the biggest year of his Dallas term, McCarthy’s notion in the national media is not good. CBS Sports has dropped McCarthy to 18th place in their head coach rankings, but will he perform better than the team expected?



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