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Our education is in crisis – Prof Anamuah-Mensah

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Professor Anamua-Mensah

Professor Jofas Anamuah-Mensah, former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Education, Wineba (UEW), supported the call for a review of primary and secondary education in Ghana to take immediate action to save it from destruction.

He said many children were illiterate and numbered at their level due to failure to provide proper input and resources, including teachers with the right educational qualifications.

“So, if you’re in third grade, you have to read third grade books, mostly reading Class One books and a few doing Class Two books,” he observed.

“We said everyone should be computer literate but if you go to some junior high school (JHS), there are no computers to do anything. So, what are you teaching? Are you helping them acquire digital knowledge? ” He asked.

Professor Anamua-Mensah, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), blamed the situation for the lack of proper training for teachers in the new standard-based primary school curriculum.

He said that although the structure and purpose of the new curriculum carried the potential to transform basic education, the situation would become uncertain if teachers were not properly trained.

“What is being done needs to be directed in such a way that the teachers who are teaching are very comfortable and confident that what they are teaching, they are using the right approach and education system to do it, they have the necessary resources. They have the support of their ministry and parents to do this and make them work, ”he said.

At the secondary education level, Professor Anamuya-Mensah noticed that there was a fundamental problem with the structure beyond the lack of resources that resulted in many students failing the exams.

He said that JHS was part of the basic school, so the students kept thinking like that and so, they had to fight to cope in the senior high school.

The former vice-chancellor stressed, “It’s like a whole new environment because the curriculum is different from what they were doing.”

He therefore called for the restructuring of secondary education to add JHS to the SHS to restructure students ’thinking.

“From junior high school, they will know that they are not actually part of elementary school; They have gone to high school in senior school.

“So JHS should have the same benefits as SHS. They should have qualified teachers to teach JHS and even be able to teach SHS, ”he said.

Professor Anamuya-Mensah acknowledged the efforts of Education Minister Dr Yao Osei Adutum to introduce a similar system and expressed his support for it.

Source: GNA

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