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Origin of life shocker! Human DNA came to Earth from space? This study makes startling meteorite revelation

What gave birth to life on earth? This study says that the meteorite brought DNA to Earth! Check out this shocking source of life studies.

Everyone has wondered at some point in their life, ‘How did man come into the world?’ What is the origin of life? Scientists are working hard to find out exactly what gave birth to life on Earth. Answers and theories bring endless possibilities. However, this intriguing study brings another interesting angle on the origin of life on Earth. It says that DNA, the essential building block of life, came from outer space! The new study, published in the journal Nature Communications, suggests that meteorites may be responsible for providing the basis for life’s genetic code, DNA, on Earth.

The study claims that researchers have found nucleobases in the meteorite, the substance that forms the structure of DNA. The researchers studied three meteorite samples, one of which crashed to Earth in 1950 in the American city of Murray, Kentucky. Another meteorite landed in the Australian state of Victoria in 1969, and a third hit the Canadian province of British Columbia in 2000.

Meteorites behind the origin of life on earth?

Closer analysis of this meteorite, known to be rich in organic material, has shown that both types of nucleobases, the same compounds that make up the genetic information in DNA, may have had an extraterrestrial origin. It is likely that after the formation of nucleobases in outer space, these meteorites acted as delivery agents on Earth for DNA molecules, which later became the building blocks of all genetic coding for life.

“During Earth’s formation, many common elements and compounds with low boiling points, known as volatiles, were not present. We believe that many of these, such as water, were later delivered by meteorites, which may also have provided organic molecules,” Dr. Helena Bates. , who studies asteroids at the museum, said in a statement.

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