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New General Manager for Cardiff Bay Entertainment Icon

The Red Dragon Center has hired a new general manager for the strategic management of the recreation center, as well as the day-to-day management of the organization.

Claire Parker joined The Red Dragon Center after working for Savills for nearly three years as an estate manager at Parmar Cardiff Waterside in Cardiff Bay, as she continues to advance her skills in the local area. While taking on a new role at the center, he will continue his role with the Savils, splitting his time between the two sites.

Officially opened in 1997, the Red Dragon Center is celebrating its 25th anniversary this August bank holiday weekend with a variety of activities throughout the summer months. The center hosts 13 different venues that provide a mix of food, entertainment and leisure.

In her new role, Claire will be responsible for the maintenance of the estate, including reviewing safety and cleaning activities and providing support and liaison with brand and car park management.

Claire says:

“I look forward to building branches in the leisure sector and managing a premier entertainment destination like the Red Dragon Center. The past two years have been a turbulent time for the industry, so it’s exciting to have the opportunity to inject fun and liveliness back into the center and pick up brands in such an important recovery year.

“In addition to the day-to-day running of the entertainment complex, I’m really looking forward to helping the center celebrate its 25th birthday, while providing strategic input on its continued success.”

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