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NBAA-BACE Sessions To Foster Safety Culture

The NBAA has scheduled 18 safety-related presentations during the week of NBAA-BACE 2022 in Orlando, Florida next month, as it aims to help operators build a proactive safety culture through data analysis and best practices, the organization said. Scheduled from October 17 to 20, the sessions will provide strategies for identifying and mitigating risks associated with common accidents, ways to support mental health awareness, and ways to tailor safety management systems to a variety of operations.

NBAA’s National Security Forum will be held in an expanded forum throughout the week to encourage greater participation. Several government leaders, including members of the National Transportation Safety Board and other regulators, will also discuss safety objectives, and BACE will co-host a Department of Energy Aviation Safety Summit during the week. Also, a single-pilot safety standdown is scheduled for October 17.

“Commitment to continually refining business aviation best operating practices is reflected in the robust NBAA-BACE safety program, which will provide critical insight on the latest techniques and technologies for preventive safety,” said Mark Larsen, NBAA’s director of safety and flight operations.

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