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Musk meets pope, uses Twitter to announce the audience | Technology


ROME (AP) – Tesla CEO Elon Musk, whose টুই 44 billion bid to buy Twitter has stalled, has used social media platforms to announce he has met with Pope Francis.

“Honorable to meet @Pontifex yesterday,” Mask tweeted Among the audience on Friday afternoon, Mask, Francis and four teenage children in masks were shown with a photo.

The Vatican did not announce to the audience or provide any information about what was discussed. Musk’s tweet followed one of a street scene in Venice, suggesting there might be another stop on his tour.

Francis often meets strictly private visitors with high-profile individuals who are housed in a reception room in a Vatican hotel where he stays. One common phrase he uses when meeting with corporate CEOs is to appeal to them to use resources and technology to help the poorest while taking care of God’s creation.

On June 21, Twitter’s board recommended to shareholders that they approve Mask’s proposed purchase, although Twitter’s shares are well below its offered price, indicating considerable doubt as to whether the sale will actually take place.

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