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Most popular websites for news in the world: Monthly top 50 listing

The New York Times was the world’s fastest growing top news site in May 2022, The 50 largest English language news websites in the world according to the latest ranking of the Press Gazette.

The New York Times website, which has seen strong growth in recent times, was the fastest growing top ten site with visits to According to data from digital intelligence platform, Similarweb, it grew 52% year-on-year to 524.6 million. NYT has helped increase traffic year after year with the acquisition of the popular online game Wordle in February 2022.

It was followed where visits increased 14% to 373.3 million and CNN (641.8 million visits, an increase of 4%).

The fastest growing site overall in the entire top 50 list was again, Live Universal Awareness Map (, which presents conflict updates in the form of a map (53.2m visits, 1987% higher). Its huge rise has been due to a growing interest in its coverage in Ukraine compared to where it started.

The British tabloid’s website, The Mirror, was among the minority news websites that saw an increase in traffic year after year in May. Visits to increased by 7% to 94.7 million.

It was one of only 16 sites to receive more traffic this May than the same month last year.

Unlike last month when almost every website in the top 50 saw less traffic per month, many sites performed better in May than in April. All but nine of the top 50 sites had more visitors this month. (55.3 million visits, 28% more per month) and Australian broadcaster site (113.9 million visits, 25% more) has been the biggest gain of the month.

In the top ten are Yahoo Finance (262 million visits, up 9% per month) and Fox News (272.2 million visits, above) 8% per month) saw the largest monthly growth.

The BBC maintains its position at the top of the rankings as the largest news website in the world (1.1 billion visits). In second place were (878.1 million visits) and CNN’s site. The New York Times is fourth and Google News is fifth (500.1 million visits). Similar web data for the BBC includes visits to the BBC’s main site as well as its news offerings, while MSN’s data for the entire portal.

Mail Online (sixth place) was the top-ranked British news brand after the BBC, with (293.5 million visits, seventh place) being the only British name in the top ten.

The same type of web generates its traffic data by applying machine learning and modeling to the statistical representative datasets collected by the company. Datasets are based on direct measurements (such as websites and apps that prefer to share first-party analytics with Similarweb); Contributing network that aggregates device data; Partnerships and public data extraction from websites and apps.

The Press Gazette uses similar web data for its top 50 English language news ranking stories in the United States and worldwide so that we can compare statistics among publishers who differ in how they measure their own audience data.

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