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More than 500,000 passengers face having their summer holidays cancelled | Travel News | Travel

And they warned that disruptions for airport travelers could also affect Christmas and skiing travel – leaving thousands of workers, aircraft crew and baggage handlers jobless until next year amid a recruitment crisis.

The chaos has prompted some people to skip summer overseas travel, with internet searches for “cancel my flight” nearly tripled in recent weeks, Google data analysis shows.

This means that many people are looking forward to another “location” summer, with bookings at some resorts – such as Weymouth in Dorset, where tourists were enjoying a sunny day on the beach yesterday – the travel chaos has increased since the beginning.

British Airways has already canceled 6,000 flights during the summer season until October.

About 500,000 passengers face cancellations at 11 a.m. during their six-week break from summer vacations if the airline’s short-notice cancellations are like half-term ones.

Flight data firm Cerium reported that about 100,000 people had canceled Jubilee Week trips – on a few minutes’ notice.

Holidaymakers who want to travel the continent by Eurostar train will also have to pay full price fare as many cheap advance tickets have been sold out.

Consumer group travel editor Rory Boland warned: “We see widespread chaos at the airport and huge pressure on those planning to flee – but we haven’t been able to reach the top.”

And Mike Clancy of the Airport Staff Union Prospect added: “It’s going to be hard to convince anyone that we’ll be fine during the school holidays in July. Canceling is harmful.”

Many of the 30,000 UK airlines and airport jobs were still incomplete during the epidemic, and even Christmas trips were disrupted, with Heathrow chief executive John Holland predicting that it would take “12 to 18 months” for the sector to fully recover.

Manchester and Gatwick have been the hardest hit by the disruption, but there have also been reports of long lines at other airports.

EasyJet is departing about 30 flights per day and TUI is departing 200 flights this month

With luggage checks for at least five million passengers, more stressful queues and delays are expected on both departure and return journeys.

And thousands of holidaymakers face the nightmare of leaving their plane without them because they are not able to reach the departure gate through the airport queue on time.

Which one? A Gatwick passenger also blasted the airline’s behavior with passengers after he and his two children, aged six and seven, watched his flying flight take off without running from check-in.

They had to spend the night on the airport floor waiting for another flight.

Juan Boga, 50, from Hillingdon in north London, said: “The airline staff assured us that the plane would not leave because all the passengers were stuck in the line. It still left.

“Then my kids went through 13 hours all night without any food or water provided by the airline.”

Mr Boland said: “Airlines are showing a cavalier attitude towards customers by ignoring the rights of passengers.”

Transport Secretary Grant Shaps is meeting with airline chiefs to address the crisis.

Mr Shaps said: “We will be working very hard with the industry now and in the summer.”

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