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Microsoft is testing an image editor in Edge

Microsoft is currently testing a new feature in its Edge web browser that allows users to edit images before saving them to a local system.

Windows Photo Editor
Microsoft Photo App Editor

Reddit user Leopeva64-2 enables basic image editing functionality, including the ability to crop new features, add mark-ups, adjust or apply filters.

The new capability is currently being tested in Microsoft Edge Canary, but is only enabled in selected Edge instances. There doesn’t seem to be an experimental flag at the moment to unlock the feature.

Edge users who have enabled it in their browsers see the new option when they right-click on an image or hover over it. The right-click menu displays the “Edit Image” option as a new entry, and the mouse hover option displays a new icon under the “Visual Search” icon. Activation of the icon displays a menu containing image editing commands and others, including the option to hide the active site or all sites.

Windows users who look at the image editor may notice that it looks like the editor baked in the Microsoft Windows Photos app. The interface looks the same here and there with just a few changes.

The four main editing options, crop, adjustment, filter and markup are in the same position. Save and undo swapped locations with zoom and rotate the control bar below and other image editing options look the same.

Similar editing tools are available even in the submenu. A click on adjustments to edit image light and color related parameters displays the same sidebar. When you select markup, you will notice that the available markup tools are displayed on the left, not the bottom. Other than that, the tool still gives you the option to use the pen or highlighter directly on the image.

Does a web browser require image editing functionality?

Edge users who wanted to edit images found in the browser had two options so far: save the image and open it in an image editor, or use the built-in web capture tool. The latter is very basic, as it only supports drawing.

Image editors are more powerful than what Photo App or Microsoft Edge offers, but they may not always be needed, for example, to quickly highlight or crop a part of an image. However, most Edge users may have no use for editing their downloaded images.

Some might say that Microsoft Edge is adding a lot of features that make the browser swell. The feature on the other hand can be turned off, so that it no longer goes in the way.

Now it’s your turn: Image editor in browser, yes or no?


Examining an image editor in Microsoft Edge

The name of the article

Examining an image editor in Microsoft Edge


Microsoft is currently testing a new feature in its Edge web browser that allows users to edit images before saving them to a local system.


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