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Lufthansa apologises to passengers for disruption

Lufthansa Group senior management has apologized to customers for flight disruptions this summer and warned that the situation is “less likely to improve” in the short term.

Earlier this month, Lufthansa was forced to cancel hundreds of flights scheduled for July due to staff shortages, a problem that has largely affected the aviation industry due to power rebuilds following the Covid-19 epidemic.

In a letter to customers, the group’s executive board, including CEO Carsten Spohr, acknowledged that the ramping up of services “is clearly not moving forward with the reliability, consistency and punctuality we want to offer you again”.

“We can only apologize to you for this and we want to be completely honest: in the coming weeks, if the number of passengers continues to increase, whether for leisure or business travel, the situation is unlikely to improve in the short term,” the board said.

“Many staff and resources are still unavailable, not only to our infrastructure partners, but also to some of our own areas.

“Almost every company in our industry is currently hiring new workers, with thousands planned in Europe alone. However, this increase in power will only have the desired stabilizing effect when winter arrives. “

The group, which owns Euroings, Austrian Airlines, Swiss and Brussels Airlines, said the war in Ukraine was “severely limiting” airspace available in Europe, causing “massive disruptions” in the sky and further delays in flights.

“In the summer of 2023, we simply do not expect a more reliable air transport system worldwide. We welcome you back to our Airbus A380s, ”the board added in its letter.

“We decided to keep the A380 today, returning to service in Lufthansa in the summer of 2023, which is enjoying great popularity. In addition, we are further strengthening and modernizing our fleet with about 50 new Airbus A350s, Boeing 787s and Boeing 777s. -9 long-range aircraft and more than 60 new Airbus A320 / 321s in the next three years alone.

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