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Lil Yachty Is Latest Investor As Sunglasses Brand Futuremood Expands Its Pop Culture Lens

As the lines between brands and celebrities become blurred, the role of music as a carrier of pop culture continues to grow. Jack Harlow signed on as New Balance’s brand ambassador earlier this year. Bad Bunny has continued collaboration with Adidas. And L’Oreal Paris has tapped him to be the face of his Lviv Carls line.

Now FutureMood, the maker of Uber-stylish sunglasses that claims to change the mood with their saturated psychedelic optics, is expanding its lenses and deepening its connection to the taste buds community.

Rapper Lil Yachti has arrived as an investor in the company, which recently sealed an investment from Music Do the Chainsmokers. Both relationships go much deeper than the financial charge. Lil Yachty and Futuremood have been working on a Yachty-inspired product line since 2020 that will drop this fall to match their first new music in more than two years.

Austin Soldner, co-founder and CEO of FutureMood, said, “Yati has some amazing music coming out, and then the shadows will come out shortly after.” “We’re going to tease parts of the product line and the first drop in the next few months.”

Although details about her signature glasses are kept secret, Yacht shares some of her inspirations with her. Forbes. “The model we set for the first release is very much to me because it’s my favorite era of fashion and hip-hop music – inspired from the 90’s. The original Compton, LA style that’s very smooth,” he says.

About the new album, he said, “I don’t talk too much about what I’m working on, but I’ll say I’ve finished it. “The blending process was a tedious one. I have never done an album like this before. It’s very different and it has a lot of moving parts. “

The deep creative alliance built with the artist underscores his vision for the FutureMood creative partnership. It’s a relationship that is about policy and aesthetics just like marketing and promotion. By the way, Soldner and the team spent time with Yachi at her home and studio in Atlanta while rehearsing design elements.

“We went through different elements at this time and we had different design sessions and meet-ups to get an idea of ​​which shades would look right to represent him in this space and to talk about the innovations we can add,” Soldner said.

That consciousness is resonating in the artist community. The Chainsmokers limited-edition, violet-hood glasses line, Grammy-winning duo is designed to capture the moods they felt while making their new album So far so goodThey have marked their first brand partnership in more than four years

“With the yacht’s shed, the feeling he’s feeling জন্য pulling what we can and giving to those who wear glasses so they can feel what it’s like to swing with the yacht at the moment — that’s what we’re doing,” Soldner said. “One thing that was extremely important was that none of this could feel like a product. It doesn’t look like it was connected to this kind of music. “

Lil Yachty, who counts Glosslab and Lox Club, a dating app for the Jewish community, among his other investments, was attracted to the style of the shed rather than the ability to increase comfort. After she hit FutureMood to try a pair – the red AuraBoost was her favorite – she shared it with friends and even ran away making a TikTok video featuring glasses.

“As an artist, I’m always looking for ways to express my creativity,” he says. “What really attracted me to the company was the presentation and packaging and quality of the sunglasses. As simple as it may seem, it blew me away. When I talked to the boys I could tell how emotional they were, and it was really important. I wanted to be a part of it. “

In addition to the yacht, recent futuresmood investors include the USC
Quarterback Caleb Williams, Slick Woods, Adam Kluger of Scoop Investments, Reed Duchser of Knight Ventures and Elliott Grange of 10K Ventures.

“When we think about who we want to work with, we think they are the future,” Soldner said.

“The future of music, the future of fashion, who defines creative voices. I think the Yacht is one of the most underrated artists of our time and I think a lot of creativity is coming from him every day. I’m inspired by people like that. “

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