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Latest Jan. 6 hearing brings in second largest viewership with over 17 million

The latest Jan. 6 hearing drew the highest viewership since the congressional committee’s debut, with more than 17 million eyes on the program.

More than 17.6 million people watched the primetime hearing across 10 broadcast and cable outlets, reaching more people than any other daytime hearing.

However, the number is still down 20 million since the first primetime hearing on June 9.

According to Nielsen, the eight hearings averaged about 13.1 million viewers, with daytime sessions ranging from 10.16 to 13.23 million viewers.

MSNBC had the most viewers Thursday, with 4.88 million viewers, followed by ABC with 3.98 million viewers.

CNN got 3.18 million, followed by NBC with 2.69 million and then CBS with 2.68 million.

Fox News did not offer full coverage of the hearing. The right-leaning network, instead, kept up the original lineup of pundit shows.

Thursday’s hearing focused on former President Donald Trump’s 187 gap in addressing rioters during the 2021 Capitol riots.

The committee announced it would hold more hearings in September, just before the November midterms.

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