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Latest Developments in Ukraine: July 7

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The latest development in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. All time EDT:

1:11 am: After reaching the Wimbledon semifinals on Wednesday, Elena Ryabakina, of Russian descent, said she wanted to end the war in Ukraine “as soon as possible”, Reuters reported.

Now representing Kazakhstan, and the first player from that country to reach the last four of the Grand Slam, Rybakina will face Romanian 2019 champion Simona Halep in a semifinal.

Rybakina, 23, who was born in Moscow and switched allegiance to Russia four years ago, was later asked if she felt Kazakh or Russian, a sensitive issue in a tournament that banned Russian and Belarusian players due to Moscow’s attack on Ukraine this year.

“I was born in Russia but of course I represent Kazakhstan. It’s already a long journey for me,” he said. “I’ve played the Olympics, the Fed Cup before. I’ve got a lot of help and support. It’s a difficult question for me to say exactly how I’m feeling.”

Asked about the war in Ukraine, he added: “I just want the war to end as soon as possible. Peace, yes.”

12:02 am Ukraine is investigating more than 21,000 war crimes and crimes of aggression by Russian troops, the BBC reported.

Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova said she was receiving 200-300 war crimes reports a day, the BBC reported. He said Russian soldiers who commit crimes “should understand that it is only a question of time when they will all appear in court.”

Russia has denied all allegations of war crimes.

Some information in this report came from Reuters.

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