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Lakers Trade Rumors: Tracking the latest on Kyrie Irving

What started out as a small rumor that felt like the possibility of a minute surrounding Kiri Irving and the Lakers has become a much bigger and much bigger reality.

Initially, a report in late June linked Kerry Irving to free agency lakers and acted as the first rumbling of problems in Brooklyn’s waters. Irving himself took everything to heart by going from an active participant to a transient pedestrian to find a new team in this offseason.

After flirting with the idea of ​​joining the Lakers through taxpayer mid-level exceptions – which never seemed realistic – Irving made the tragic decision not to cut the 30 million salary and opted for the last year of his contract, seemingly out of chance this season.

But a few days later, Kevin Durant requested a trade and shook the NBA landscape. With him no longer committed to the franchise, Irving once again becomes an available player and the Lakers are not only shaking, they are the only team interested.

Now, the two sides are stuck in talks trying to figure out how to finalize an agreement for Irving. Although the center of the trade will be the swapping of Irving and Russell Westbrook, the ancillary pieces of both sides will be the main topic of discussion, from the players included by the net to the draft of the assets included by the Lakers.

The negotiation strategy continues, with the Lakers not being “aggressive” and the net claiming that they can’t trade either Irving or Durant.

With news updates on a daily basis, here’s a place to keep track of the latest updates from Kyrie, Net, Laker and their ongoing trade discussions.

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