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Kittyhawk Plans To Wind Down Business

Kittyhawk, the eVTOL technology innovator launched by Google co-founder Larry Page and senior Google executive Sebastian Thrun, is closing its doors. The California-based company, which has been working on a variety of new electric and autonomous aircraft since 2010, announced via Twitter late yesterday that it had “decided to be regulated” and that it was “still working on the latter.”

The initiative’s most current project is the Heaviside autonomous eVTOL vehicle that received military flight qualification approval from the US Air Force last year. Under the service’s Agility Prime program, the aircraft was being evaluated for potential military applications. Emergency medical support group Falck was also exploring how it could adapt Heaviside for use by first responders to treat critically injured patients.

Kittyhawk is also a joint owner with Boeing of eVTOL aircraft developer Wisk Aero, founded in 2019. The company did not respond to AIN’s inquiry as to whether it would be involved in Wisk’s plans to bring a four-seat autonomous eVTOL vehicle to market.

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