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When the pandemic hit in 2020 and the highways were empty due to quarantine, the number of motor vehicle accidents in Kentucky and across the country naturally dropped. Many expected this number to remain low, but with the release Kentucky’s latest accident statistics, we now know that this did not happen. But the news is not all bad. The number of accidents in 2021 is still significantly lower than in 2019, which shows that safe driving initiatives are working.

The number of crashes is similar, but the number of fatalities is higher

Across Kentucky, the number of motor vehicle crashes is the same as in 2020. They’re slightly higher because Lexington statistics show 11,898 crashes in 2021 compared to 11,819 crashes in 2020. Despite the number of heavy vehicles, there were only 79 accidents in the city. This increase is barely noticeable, given that Lexington’s streets, like most of the country, were relatively empty in 2020. It is certainly expected that when there are more vehicles on the road there are more accidents.

Unfortunately, those 11,898 crashes resulted in 36 fatalities compared to just 21 crashes in 2020. The reason behind this sad news is unknown, but it is probably due to high speed. In 2020, many drivers who couldn’t stay at home have adapted to having minimal traffic on the road and found that they can travel faster than ever before. This has been a hard habit for them to break and as a result, they continue to speed, causing more serious accidents when they lose control or are unable to react to dangerous situations in time.

Some highways are more dangerous than others

Of course, the risk you take on the road depends on the road you’re driving on. Some highways are more dangerous than others, whether from Road conditions, heavy traffic, or poor design. In Lexington, Dixie Highway, with 47 crashes in 2021, is significantly more dangerous than Preston Highway, with 31 crashes in the same year.

The Dixie Highway has long surpassed the Preston Highway in the number of motor vehicle accidents. In 2019, there were 49 accidents in Dixie compared to just 19 in Preston. Even in 2020, when all roads saw less traffic for many months, there were 42 crashes in Dixie compared to 32 in Preston. This data can help city officials figure out ways to make Dixie a safer highway to travel on, but in the meantime, drivers may want to consider alternative routes to their destinations.

Alcohol is still a problem

According to AAA, due to many accidents in Louisville and other cities drunk driving, especially wrong-way crashes, many of which occur on the very dangerous Dixie Highway. Basically, if city officials can solve the problem of impaired driving, they can make the streets significantly safer. It’s not an easy task, but drivers deserve to have safe roads and know they’ll reach their destination alive.


Like much of the country, Kentucky saw an increase in traffic accidents in 2021 compared to a lower number in 2020. Although the increase in the actual number of accidents is minimal, the high number of deaths is alarming. Drivers should always be careful to avoid becoming a statistic in next year’s report.

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