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Kaali poster controversy: Twitter takes down director Leena Manimekalai’s tweet

In the midst of controversy over the Kali photo poster, Twitter director Leena Manimeklai has removed the tweet. Check out the details here.

Amid the ongoing controversy over Kali’s poster, Twitter removed the controversial tweet from filmmaker and film director Leena Manimekalai on July 2nd. The same ANI tweeted, “Twitter director Leena Manimekalai’s Kali poster has removed the tweet.” Note that Leena released a poster of the film ‘Kali’ through a tweet which caused anger in the country. The poster of his film depicts a woman in a costume depicting the goddess Kali and smoking.

Responding to Twitter’s move, Lena asked in a tweet if the social media platform would also block “hateful” posts. “It’s ridiculous. WTwitterIndia will block 200,000 hate tweets ?! These low life trolls have tweeted and spread the same poster that they found offensive. Kali can’t be beaten. Kali can’t be raped. Kali can’t be destroyed. Goddess of death, “he tweeted.

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Note that Lena responded to Twitter’s move on Wednesday, but it’s not clear when Twitter actually downed the tweet. The original tweet was replaced by a message from Twitter. Read the message, quoting ANI, “This tweet from @Linamanimekali has been blocked in India in response to a legal claim.”

Also in another tweet shared on Thursday 7 July, the director wrote, “These trolls are after my artistic freedom. If I give up my freedom for fear of this unscrupulous right-wing mob mafia, I will deprive everyone of their freedom. So I will keep it, what can’t happen . “

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