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Jury finds man guilty of murder of rapper Nipsey Hussle

Nipsi Hasel Trial
Nipsi Hasel Trial

Judges have convicted a 32-year-old man of first-degree murder in the shooting of 2019 rapper Nipsi Hasal.

Los Angeles County Jury has convicted Eric R. Holder Jr. of two voluntary attempted murders instead of two attempted murders because prosecutors wanted two more men wounded in the gunfight at the scene.

Holder, wearing a blue suit and mask, stood up in the small courtroom next to his lawyer as the verdict was read. He had no visible reaction.

The judges held discussions for about six hours over two days before reaching a verdict.

Nipsi Husley Mural
A street mural of the late rapper Nipsi Hasal (Chris Piezello / AP)

The verdict marks the end of a legal story that lasted more than three years and a trial that was often delayed due to the epidemic.

Holder and Hasel had known each other for years – they were members of the same South Los Angeles Street gang – when the rapper shot an opportunity meeting outside a Los Angeles clothing store and killed her.

The evidence against Holder was overwhelming, ranging from eyewitnesses to local business surveillance cameras that captured his arrival, shooting and his departure.

His attorney did not even deny that he was a shooter, but called on judges to convict him on lesser charges of voluntary murder.

The shots were fired after a conversation between the two over rumors that Holder was acting as an informant for the authorities.

Holder’s lawyer, Aaron Janssen, said a prominent man accused of being “snatched” by a man in public had brought “emotional heat” into Hasal that did not convict him of first-degree murder.

“It’s a provocation that evokes anger and strong emotions,” Mr Janssen told judges on Thursday.

Deputy District Attorney John McKinney argued during the trial that everyone else was so quiet in the conversation that took place before Holder and Hasel’s death that the “snatch” conversation could not be the primary purpose and that Holder must have had some previous violence or hatred. Laughter.

Mr McKinney told the judges that within nine minutes of the conversation and the shooting, more than enough time had been given for the murder, which is required for a first-degree murder.

The jury apparently agreed.

Hussle, whose legal name is Ermias Asghedom, died at the age of 33. She had just released her main-label debut album, which earned her her first Grammy nomination, when she was shot dead.

He was a widely loved personality in Los Angeles, especially in the South LA area where he grew up and has since gained fame, bought property and opened a business.

“He wanted to change the neighborhood,” Mr. McKinney said in his concluding argument.

“She is OK. And the people around him loved him. They call him Neighborhood Nip. ”

Hasley was mourned at a memorial at the Arena, known as the Staples Center, and celebrated with a performance at the Grammy Awards that included DJ Khaled and John Legend.

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