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July 4 Weekend Less Chaotic for U.S. Carriers, but Still Challenging

According to FlightAware, there were challenges in canceling U.S. air travel flights over the weekend of July 4, but not nearly as much over the two summer vacation weekends before 2022.

According to FlightAware, about 1,435 U.S. flights were canceled between Friday and Monday, with more than 18,200 flight delays. The total cancellations for Memorial Day Weekend reached nearly 3,000 and the total for the Juventus holiday weekend reached about 3,400.

Saturday was the worst day for this past weekend’s cancellation, affecting 555 flights, or 2.5 percent of the schedule.

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration checkpoint recorded 8.8 million passengers for four days, almost the same number for the four days of Memorial Day weekend, but less than 10.4 million passengers for June 17-20, according to the TSA. According to the TSA, July 1 had a total one-day epidemic record of more than 2.49 million travelers.

In a June 24 letter to U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Boutigig, the airline trade group for the U.S. outlined the steps airlines are taking to ensure reliability during the July 4 holiday – such as lowering 15 percent of the original planned summer schedule, accelerating recruitment and training, Providing more flexibility for change and increasing investment in the airline app – but also challenges with the lack of air traffic control stuffing.

Butigig addressed the air traffic control issue during an interview with NBC News on 28 June. “We had challenges with air traffic control, but they don’t explain most of the cancellations and delays we’ve seen there,” he said, adding that where there’s a problem, we’re working.

Butigieg Jacksonville, Fla., Cites as an example of the “perfect storm” of military activity affecting workers’ concerns, space launches, airspace and weather, “all hit at once.”

“We have taken a collaborative approach, liaising with the airlines, working on what is changing, especially in terms of more passengers than they expect to return and allocating air traffic resources from it. [Federal Aviation Administration] To work towards a solution, ”Butigig said.

Yet, before the busy summer season, consumer airline complaints were up 300 percent from the 2019 level to April 2022, with flight problems accounting for 31 percent of the complaints, according to the DOT, second only to return issues.

The United States is not the only country with flight problems. According to flight tracking company, quoted in a Bloomberg report, U.S. carrier cancellations in Europe more than doubled between April and June. The region is facing high demand, labor shortages and labor strikes.

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