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Jennifer Loveless announces new EP ‘Around The World’ – News

Jennifer Lovelace has announced her upcoming EP ‘Around the World’, due to land in September, with the first single ‘Muzik’ from the record now available.

‘Mujik’ is a pulsating six-minute cut, full of energy and pounding beats, contributing to a six-track EP packed with heavy basslines and encapsulating sounds.

With an underlying house flavor, the tracks weave through progressive and percussive elements, melodic cuts and loops, maintaining high energy from start to finish.

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Records will be kept Butter session, its name resonates close to home for the artist and DJ: “The title of the EP came from a conversation I had with my mom, which you can hear bits and pieces of on the title track itself,” Jennifer explains. “Taken out of context, I loved the way my mom’s phrase stuck out, “around the world.” We were talking about music and how it can be accessed around the world.

“Of course it’s not a new idea, but it made me think about how many places I’ve been able to see and people I’ve been able to meet through traveling for music and how the world is getting smaller every time it’s reflected in the artwork – a flat world – which I’m all about. The more I think, through the beauty and ugliness of homogenization, the world can be too.

“I’ve been working on this EP for the last 10 months in Norm and Melbourne. I didn’t expect to release it together as a six-tracker, but I’m happy nonetheless. And especially so that the songs have found a home on Butter session. Calling Australia my full-time home is a wonderful way to round off the last 10 years as I’m now based in London.”

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You can listen to ‘Around The World’, the first single taken from ‘Muzik’, now, and you can pre-order the EP here.

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